Attack of the Moon Zombies
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Released May 25, 2011 — 99 minutes, black & white, not rated
Attack of the Moon Zombies

Twenty years have passed since Dr. Vincent Edwards (once again played by the ever-talented Mike Cook) took on a certain radiation-mutated bat creature and he is ready to retire. While training his replacement on the Jackson Lunar Base, the two stumble upon a seemingly impossible discovery: alien plant life on the surface of the moon! Unfortunately, exposure to the spores of this otherworldly flora cause instant death. Too bad those killed by them don't stay dead and instead, want nothing more than to replicate!

Written, directed and edited by Christopher R. Mihm

Produced by Christopher R. Mihm and Stephanie Mihm

Executive Produced by Jason Boland, Rylan Bachman,
Mitchell A. Gonzales, Cherie "Rhuby" Gallinati, and Mark Haider

Costumes by Maggie Schultz, Angelina Thompson
and Christopher R. Mihm

Creature Effects and Make-up by Mitchell A. Gonzales

Special digital effects by Christopher R. Mihm

Special miniature and practical effects by
Christopher R. Mihm, Mitch Gonzales, and Michael Kaiser
Mike Cook
 — Dr. Vincent Edwards
Michael Kaiser
 — Glen Hayes
Sid Korpi
 — Administrator Ripley
Douglas Sidney
 — Dr. Collins
Shannon McDonough
 — Dr. Hackett
Daniel R. Sjerven
 — Captain Herman Frehley
Robert Arndt
 — Dr. Banks
Stephanie Mihm
 — Dr. Rutherford
Mark Haider
 — Dr. Haterov
Christopher R. Mihm
 — Robert Ripley
Maggie Schultz
 — Dr. Deering
Robert Silinghia
 — Dr. Huer
Anthony Kaczor
 — Dr. Phillips
Mitch Gonzales
 — Workman #1
Richard Schwinden
 — Workman #2
James Norgard
 — Dr. Gabriel
Anthony Laundrie
 — Dr. Rogers
Aaron L. McFarland
 — Dr. Theopolis
Geoffrey Miller
 — Dr. Ito
Ed Oliver
 — Moon Zombie
Elliot Gonzales
 — Moon Zombie

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Robert Arndt, James Atkinson, James D. Bachman, Jane E. Bachman, William Henry Bachman II, Raymond L. Bell, Bunch of Crazies, The Cruser Family, Jane Curry, Anjali DeMarco, Peter K. Flynn, Robert Forto, Brian Frider, Gail Frider, Brenda Fulmer, Mario Giguère, Nadia Giordana, Jennifer Goloboy, Maggie Goloboy, Elliot Gonzales, Nicholas Gonzales, (Her Majesty) Jane M. Gundry, Steven Hager, Valerie Metzenheim Holden, International Broomball Wizards, Paul and Marlys Javener @ The Stardust Twin Drive-in, Ann Keller, Doug Keller, Charles M. Kirsch, Nicholas R.R. Kirsch, Ambrose, Blanche, Keely, & Oliver Korpi-Kaczor, Anthony Laundrie, Angela Lloyd, David Lund, James McGovern, Jean McGovern, Robert Metzenheim, Shirley A. Miezwa, Warren Miller, James Norgard, Mitch Obrecht, Todd Parisian, Diane Perrault, Richard L. Schwinden, Robert Silinghia, Charles Simoneau, Nathan "Spooky Noodle" Thomas, The Urban Dog, Micah Whetstone, Jean K. Wood, and Steven Wood

Best Action/Horror Feature
2011 Highway 61 Film Festival

Best Zombie Movie (Feature Length)
Dead Letter Awards @

Best Director — Christopher R. Mihm
Dead Letter Awards @

Best Zombie — Michael Kaiser
Dead Letter Awards @

Best Actress — Sid Korpi
Dead Letter Awards @

Best Death — Mike Cook
Dead Letter Awards @

Best One-Liner
"I know I'd rather die in agonizing pain than become some
weird meat puppet for those nasty little... THINGS out there! Wouldn't you!?"

Dead Letter Awards @

Best Independent Production
Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards — Honorable Mention

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