Danny Johnson and the Lucky Coin
An Interactive Adventure by Christopher R. Mihm


"Danny Johnson and the Lucky Coin" is an interactive adventure game set in the Wisawa caves and starring the character of Danny Johnson from "Terror from Beneath the Earth!" This online "text adventure" is presented in a style similar to classic 1980s-era Infocom interactive fiction games like "Zork."

"Danny Johnson and the Lucky Coin" was written and programmed by writer/director Christopher R. Mihm. You MUST have JavaScript enabled in your browser for this program to work.

The Story: Two years ago, little Danny Johnson stopped by the Wisawa caves on his way home from school. Though he'd been explicitly told by his father NOT to enter the caverns, being a bug-hunting fanatic, Danny couldn't resist when the very unique spider he'd been chasing went inside.

"Besides," he thought, "My sister Alice is right behind me! If I can get a hold of that spider, I can scare the socks off of her!"

Unable to resist the prospect of hearing his big sister squeal in terror, he disobeyed his father's command. He never found the spider. What he DID find was a six-foot-tall humanoid bat monster—a mutant creature created by residual radiation from underground atomic testing that once took place in the caves.

Hungry for a snack, the bat promptly grabbed Danny and stashed him away in its lair. Alice, always the dutiful sister, followed her little brother into caves—only to also be nabbed by the creature.

Though a harrowing experience, the children survived. Thanks to the tireless efforts of their father, Stan, the local Sheriff, Dr. Edwards (a geologist) and Rosemary (Dr. Edwards' niece), the Johnson kids were saved and the bat creature was defeated!

As the story of "Danny Johnson and the Lucky Coin" starts, we find ourselves three years later. Danny is a little older, a little taller, and a heck-of-a-lot braver. Though his dad and Rosemary (now his stepmom) did all they could to save him, Danny knew the real reason he'd survived that fateful day: he had his lucky coin when he entered those caves. Sadly, in the hullaballoo of that crazy event, he dropped it somewhere inside. Now, he wants it back... and nothing is going to stop him!

The Goal: Assume the identity of Danny Johnson, venture into the Wisawa caves, and retrieve Danny's lucky coin. This interactive story will take you deep into the Wisawa caverns, where you'll come up against mind-bending puzzles, mutated monsters, and the very history of the Mihmiverse itself! Good luck!


NOTE: You MUST have JavaScript enabled on your browser for this program to work!

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