It Came From Another World!
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Released May 10, 2007 — 93 minutes, black & white, not rated
It Came From Another World!

"It Came From Another World!" chronicles the continuing adventures of everyone's favorite 'a-rockin' scientist, Professor Jackson. First introduced in 2006's "The Monster of Phantom Lake," Professor Jackson finds himself tasked yet again with saving the planet from certain doom. When Professor Jackson's colleague and best friend Dr. Frasier doesn't return from a scientific expedition in the deep woods, the Professor is sent to find and retrieve him. While searching, the Professor and Canoe Cops Sven and Gustav stumble upon an enigmatic meteorite that may hold the answer to Dr. Frasier's disappearance — and something far more cataclysmic than they could ever imagine! Can our intrepid heroes unlock the secrets of the mysterious "rock from outer space" before its otherworldly power threatens not only the fate of the entire universe, but Professor Jackson's wedding plans?

Written, directed and edited by Christopher R. Mihm

Produced by Christopher R. Mihm and Josh Craig

Costumes by Carol Eade and Shannon McDonough

Alien Eyeballs created by Max & Courtney Sparber

Featuring music by EchoDriver
(mp3 download: Paddlin' Along)

Josh Craig
 — Professor Jackson
Mike Mason
 — Dr. Frasier
Mike Cook
 — Gustav
M. Scott Taulman
 — Sven
Shannon McDonough
 — Julie Ann Saint Marie
Deanne McDonald
 — Elizabeth

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Best Science Fiction Feature
2007 ShockerFest International Film Festival

Best of Fest Award
Big Damn Film Festival
Kansas City

Audience Choice Award
Big Damn Film Festival
Cincinnati, Indianapolis

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