Please consider donating to the cause!

Multiple-movie contributor (and host of Dog Works Radio) Robert Forto and Saint Euphoria Pictures, the distribution arm of the films of Christopher R. Mihm, are banding together to help Team Ineka (Mr. Forto's sled dog team) achieve its dream of running in the 2015 Iditarod!

We are asking for donations be made to Team Ineka to help pay for all of the expenses associated with running this event—which costs an estimated $40,000 to participate! AND, like the Mihmiverse, which began with one man's dream of making movies and has grown into the retro-cheesy-movie-juggernaut it is today, it takes a lot of help from generous people like you to make these dreams reality!

What is the Mihmiverse getting out of this? Mr. Forto is currently in the process of setting up screenings of Mihmiverse films in Alaska (where, to date, none have screened publicly) AND the Saint Euphoria Pictures website URL ( will be prominently displayed by the team throughout the event and in promotions for it! By contributing, you're not only helping Mr. Forto realize his dream, you'll be helping the Mihmiverse itself expand into new and exciting places!

Below you'll find a little more information written by Mr. Forto. Please give it a read and consider donating—any amount helps!

Imagine this... It is 40 below outside and you are 200 miles from home on a frozen river that is almost a mile wide. Above you, the Northern Lights are dancing and some 60 feet ahead, your lead dogs Sidney and Denali react in a split second to your commands as you say, "On by, good dogs, hike, hike!"

This is somewhat of a daily occurrence for Team Ineka (pronounced IN-eck-A) of Willow, Alaska. The team is a family-run sled dog kennel that is training for the 2015 Iditarod. With 36 dogs, mostly Alaskan Huskies (with a few Siberians thrown in for star appeal), they moved to Alaska from Colorado to mush down a dream.

"We packed up the U-Haul trailer and moved North," says Robert. "I laid the decision to move to Alaska on my then 12-year old daughter Nicole. I said, 'text your mom and give her your decision.'" Mom was still in Denver when Nicole and Robert flew up to look at the cabin they now call home.

"Obviously, Nicole texted that she wanted to move!" exclaims Robert.

Robert and Michele Forto and their teenagers, Nicole and Tyler have big plans over the next two mushing seasons. Robert is running all of his Iditarod qualifiers—900+ miles in January 2014 alone! Nicole is running the Junior Iditarod and the Willow Junior 100 in February. As you may imagine, it costs a lot of money to pursue a dream—about $40,000 to run for the Iditarod"—and that is a conservative estimate.

"We are not asking for money, just for the sake of giving," says Michele. "We want you to become a part of the team." In addition to the very popular Sponsor a Dog Program and Entry Fee Sponsorships, Team Ineka is partnering with Saint Euphoria Pictures / All for George Productions to make Team Ineka the first ever "official Iditarod team of the Mihmiverse!"

Robert and Michele both work full-time jobs and train the sled dogs many hours a day after work. A typical day starts at 5:30AM and they sit down to eat dinner sometime around 9 or 10PM.

"We love what we do and we are passionate about our dreams," says Robert. "If you would like to be a part of the team, we would love to share our adventures with you!"

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