The Late Night Double Feature
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Released April 26, 2014 — 89 minutes, black & white, not rated
The Late Night Double Feature

A double bill of 1950s-style B-movie shorts from writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, the king of "new old, good bad" movies!

"X: The Fiend from Beyond Space"
On a decades-long mission to Alpha Centauri, the crew of the UESPA spaceship Endeavor are awakened from LD-sleep to find themselves in orbit around a rogue planet. Finding nothing but a seemingly dead alien on the planet's surface, the Captain decides to bring it aboard for further study. But, the crew quickly realize the creature is not dead... and it's very hungry.

"The Wall People"
Following the death of his wife, scientist Barney Collins (Douglas Sidney) finds solace in his new role as a single dad to his only son. However, when the boy disappears from his bed under mysterious circumstances, Barney loses his grip on reality and becomes a shut in. Eight years later, he resurfaces with a wild theory: his son has been taken by an otherworldly entity that steals sleeping children through interdimensional portals in their bedroom walls! He enlists the help of his old colleagues (Mike Cook and James Norgard reprising their roles as Dr. Edwards and Dr. Gabriel, respectively) to potentially save his son from the clutches of this inhuman threat—or prove he is certifiably insane!

Written, directed and edited by Christopher R. Mihm

Mike Cook — Dr. Edwards
Shane Donahue — Cash
Cherie Gallinati — Gilliam
Mark Haider — Phillips
Catherine Hansen — Martha / The Witch
Elizabeth Kaiser — Carter
Michael Kaiser — The Fiend
Alice Mihm — Little Girl
David Mihm — Young Phillip
Daniel Mihm — Little Boy
Elliott Mihm — Phillip
Stephanie Mihm — Elliott
James Norgard — Dr. Gabriel
Douglas Sidney — Barney Collins
Daniel Sjerven — Captain Frehley
J. Andrew Wilkins — Doherty

Produced by Christopher R. Mihm
and Stephanie Mihm

Executive Produced by Jason Boland, Ryan Fox, Mitchell A. Gonzales, Mark Haider and Cherie "Rhuby" Gallinati

Creature Effects by Mitchell A. Gonzales

Electronic Tonalities by Peter K. Flynn

Stop-motion Animation by Norman Yeend

"The Late Night Double Feature"
Written and performed by Bad Horse

Bad Horse appears courtesy of Acoustic Fury Records

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