After more than a year in production, thousands of man-hours, steps forward (and back), scheduling nightmares, babies being born, backs thrown out, sets and props repeatedly malfunctioning, and one frostbitten actor/producer, "Destination: Outer Space" FINALLY arrived on the 33rd anniversary of the release of the original "Star Wars." And was the premiere ever SWEET! Outside the Heights Theatre, fans and newcomers lined up early be the first to catch a glimpse of the latest (and may we say greatest) Mihmiverse film!

Following a rousing session of "Mighty WCCO Wurlitzer" organ music played by the ever-talented Harvey Gustafson, the eager audience was treated to some rather amusing newsreels (the "alternative" hairstyles of the 1950s were a particular favorite) and a trio of classic trailers. Then the title card for "Destination: Outer Space" hit the screen and the raucous and highly receptive crowd roared their approval. From that point forward, it was nothing but a perfect night of pure Mihmiverse bliss!

Immediately after the movie, prizes were raffled off by star Josh Craig (looking his dapper "old Hollywood" best), the alien creature Ge'off posed for photos with fans, delicious cake was served by the baking wizard who crafted it, Sarah Loiotile, DVDs and Mihmiverse merchandise were sold, and many-an-autograph was signed! All in all, the night was an unmitigated success!

Just three short days later, "Destination: Outer Space" held its highly successful drive-in debut at the incomparable Hi-Way 18 Outdoor Theatre in Jefferson, Wisconsin! Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and stars (Mihmiverse regulars) Josh Craig (Captain Jackson), Michael Kaiser (A.D.A.M.), Elizabeth Kaiser (Eh'donish Bread Girl), and Stephanie Mihm (Index) were joined by "the official horror host of the films of Christopher R. Mihm," Dr. Ivan Cryptosis, for a weekend of family fun and beautiful weather. Michael even appeared and posed for photos as A.D.A.M. the robot from the new film!

Below you'll find a collection of photos from the two events. Enjoy!

Fans line up outside the theater
to get into the premiere

Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm
poses in front of the Heights marquee

Anthony Kaczor (Eh'Donish Man) and Sid Korpi (Eh'Donish Woman) pose with the alien
ambassador from planet Snox, Ge'off

Star Catherine Hansen (Yureena Null, center) reunites with her two henchmen Robert Silinghia (Eck, left) and Mark Haider (Nok, right)

Kicking off the festivities, organist Harvey
Gustafson plays a tune on the "Mighty
WCCO Wurlitzer" organ

Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, Michael Kaiser
(A.D.A.M.) and Mitch Gonzales (Oculon/Ominai) sell
merchandise and sign autographs

Edible versions of A.D.A.M., Captain Jackson, the Oculons, and an Ominai
face off over the cake depicting a pivotal moment from the new film

A.D.A.M. pays a visit to the greatest
drive-in in eastern Wisconsin, the
Hi-Way 18 Outdoor Theatre

A.D.A.M. hangs out and sells merchandise
with horror host Dr. Ivan Cryptosis

Now, with the release of "Destination: Outer Space" in the history books, we look toward the future. In addition to a slew of screenings scheduled for the months ahead (see the Calendar below for details), rumors are already circulating that writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and the new production crew have begun work on the NEXT Mihmiverse film! Few details are available at this time, but we're told that a cryptic teaser exists as an easter egg on the "Destination: Outer Space" DVD. We've seen it and it definitely has us intrigued!


Panic in Year Zero (1962)
Directed by Ray Milland.
Starring Ray Milland, Jean Hagen and Frankie Avalon.

Ray Milland does double-duty as lead actor and director in this cold war gem about what happens to the perfect nuclear family (no pun intended!) when the "enemy" drops atomic bombs on all major U.S. cities. Unable to return home from their camping trip, the family (including a non-Beach-dancing Frankie Avalon as the eldest son) is forced to hole up in the hills where they must use all their survival skills to overcome rising lawlessness. Surrounded by a morally crumbling and frightened society, the family has to make hard decisions in a desperate effort to hold on to their traditional values while those values unravel in everyone they meet. This film is superbly written in a very unsentimental way, treating a 1950s/60s hot-button "what-if" scenario with dead seriousness. The acting is, for the most part, decent. Aside from the oddly bored teenage daughter, every actor in the film does a great job. The movie is quite dark and the subject matter (and the way it's handled) is heavy in all the right ways. Not a happy film by any stretch of any imagination, "Panic in Year Zero" instead serves as a great example of the fears and mindset of the average post-war 1950s suburban family brought to shocking life on the silver screen. Personally, I found this film to be suprisingly good. Though I don't often advocate for remakes, I think this movie could easily be (and SHOULD BE) updated and remade to reflect modern fears surrounding life in post-9/11 America. Depending on the angle the story is approached from (and how well it's made), it could be both entertaining AND thought-provoking!

— Christopher R. Mihm

Following on the heels of last month's announcement introducing the new line of rare Mihmiverse merchandise, we've decided to dedicate this space in the newsletter to these items!

Since last month's set of Oculon Action Figures has sold out,, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm, will soon be selling an exclusive set of Mihmiverse Magnets!

First available at the "Destination: Outer Space" premiere, these hand-crafted magnets were designed and assembled by creature designer/executive producer/actor Mitch Gonzales. Featuring both a "firing" Oculon and A.D.A.M. from "Destination: Outer Space," the monster from "The Monster of Phantom Lake," and the mutant bat from "Terror from Beneath the Earth," these items will only be sold as a set of four.

The set can be yours for $19.99 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling, and will be available soon, but only in EXTREMELY limited quantities. Be sure to frequently check the collectibles section of the merchandise page at, because when it does become available, you'll need to snap yours up right away since, like the Oculon Action Figures before them, interest in these magnets is high and whatever stock we do eventually get won't last long!
Do you have an idea for a Mihmiverse collectible AND the tenacity and talent to create it? Want to make a little pocket change selling your creation and pay NO LICENSING FEE nor have to share the profits? If so, contact us to discuss the possibility of having your item featured here! Send an email to right away, let us know what you have in mind, and we'll see if we can work out a deal!


June 3, 9, 10, 29 & 30 - 7:00pm (or 9:30pm)

Catherine Hansen (Yureena Null) appears as Kelly in the "Saved by the Bell Show" at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Bryant Lake Bowl, 810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN
June 4-19

Sid Korpi (Eh'donish Woman) will be playing Mrs. Ellen Banks in the Lyric Arts production of "Father of the Bride."

Lyric Arts Main Street Stage, 420 East Main Street, Anoka, MN
June 24-27

Mike Cook (Gustav/Dr. Edwards) directs and appears in the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild production of "Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella" at the State Theatre in Eau Claire.

Show times and ticket information are at
June 25 - 8:00pm

Following a Q&A session with co-producer and star Josh Craig (Captain Jackson), "Destination: Outer Space" screens at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, Minnesota.

East Ridge High School, 4200 Pioneer Drive, Woodbury, MN
July 23 - 9:00pm

"Destination: Outer Space" invades the third annual Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival with a screening hosted by writer/director Christopher R. Mihm. Several Mihmiverse stars are scheduled to be in attendance.

Comfort Inn & Suites, 7007 Grover Street, Omaha, NE

Keep track of all Sid Korpi's (Eh'donish Woman) signings, appearances, and other promotional events for her book "Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss" by visiting the appearances page at her website:
The entries seem to be fewer and farther between, but Justen Overlander (Jonathan/Sheriff Elliott) is still updating his personal entertainment industry blog ( and Minneapolis Independent Film Industry column at


"The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Cave Women on Mars," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," and "Destination: Outer Space" DVDs are now available at, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm. In addition, "The Monster of Phantom Lake" Collector's Edition DVDs, exclusive movie posters, patches and other merchandise is now in stock. Everything is available in extremely limited quantities, so get yours today before they run out!

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