DVD Review: Cave Women on Mars
Posted by Barret
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It is the future: 1987

Hot dog everybody! We've got another Christopher R. Mihm movie!

Out of all Mihm's movies, I must say that this one felt the most like a tribute and the least like a parody, which is not a bad thing. The film holds true to many of the 1950s space exploration movies and the production style and musical score do a wonderful job of re-creating the absurd atmosphere those movies held.

We follow the two-man crew of the MARS-1 spaceship, Captain Jackson and Lieutenant Elliott, as they land on the red planet and see what no man has seen before! Finding the surface of the planet oddly Earth-like, the duo discovers that the air has no hazardous or infectious agents so they don't even need their space helmets. Of course!

After making the incredibly intelligent decision to split up, Lieutenant Elliott wanders into a Martian forest and is captured by a primitive race of warrior women (who conveniently share the same language as us). These cave women of Mars are split into two factions, the Zil and the Liak, and while both are matriarchal cultures where women dominate over their male counterparts, the Zil at least believe that males deserve respect despite being the inferior gender.

Elliott luckily finds himself captured by Eina and Orla, Zil cave women, who decide to take him to the Oracle rather than kill him. Unfortunately Hagra and Gorga, fearsome warriors of the Liak tribe, are hot on their trail and will stop at nothing to claim the "strange magic" that Elliott wields (they are convinced he is a sorcerer and his technology is black magic). Can Captain Jackson find his lost Lieutenant before the Liak catch up with him? Will they ever get off this planet? Or is it their Destiny to stay forever? You'll have to watch to find out!!

Josh Craig stars as both Captain Jackson & Director Jackson (Director Jackson may very well be the now aged Professor Jackson from The Monster of Phantom Lake and It Came From Another World!) while Dan Sjerven stars as Lieutenant Elliott. Brooke Lemke, Alana Bloom, Rachel Grubb, Emily Fradenburgh and Stephanie Mihm also star.

The film won the Cinematic Excellence Award from Rogue Cinema and an Honorable Mention for Best Science Fiction Feature at the 2008 ShockerFest International Film Festival.

So hop on your "Com-puter" and head on over the the movie's website for more information or to buy your own copy of Cave Women on Mars!