Weresquito: Nazi Hunter
DVD & Blu-Ray / download / trailer

Released September 28, 2016 — 78 minutes, black & white/color, not rated
Weresquito: Nazi Hunter

Horrific Nazi experiments have left a surviving American WWII soldier with a terrifying condition: at the sight of fresh blood, he transforms into a man-sized, blood-sucking killer insect! Refusing to let his affliction destroy him, he instead commits himself to using his "powers" for good—by finding the people responsible and bringing them to justice!

Written, directed and edited by
Christopher R. Mihm

Produced by
Christopher R. Mihm and Stephanie Mihm

Associate Produced by
Jason Boland, Mitchell A. Gonzales
and Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob

Creature Effects and Make-up by
Mitchell A. Gonzales

Costumes by
Stephanie Mihm

Presented in Shocking


Mike Cook  —  Karl Schmidt
Christian Finch  —  Hans
Rachel Grubb  —  Leisl Schmidt
Michael Kaiser  —  The Weresquito/Man in Diner
Stephanie Mihm  —  Woman in Diner
Kira Pontiff  —  Captive Girl
Daniel R. Sjerven  —  Eric
Christi Jean Williams  —  Woman in Hiding
Marcus Cutting  —  Simon
Mitchell A. Gonzales  —  Heinrich
Mark Haider  —  Horst
David Mihm  —  Kid in Diner
James Norgard  —  Schramm
Douglas Sidney  —  Cpl. John Baker
Joel Thingvall  —  Diner Regular


Susan Adamski, Nate Allen, Robert Arndt, Shaian Assadi, B9 Robot Builders Club, Chris P. Bacon, Lawrence Barker, Pamela Sedgwick-Barker, Jordan Bauer, "I'm so happy to contribute to this movie!" — Jenni Bennett, Patrick Shawn Bennett, Katy Berquist, Brandi Bibler, Father John R. Blaker, The Booth Girl, Janis Brandes, Barrett Brock, Sara Brock, Bruno "The Pit Bull from Outer Space," Bunch of Crazies, Canonsburg Steve, Richard Chamberlain, Todd Clasen, Jason Coffman, CollectingClassicMonsters.com, Michael Cross, Jeremy Crowther, Stryder Dancewolffe, Russ & Ingrid Davis, Roland H. Delaune, Callie Deno, Curt Deno, Fern Deno, Ben "Grateful" Doran, Du8, Doctor Rick Edison, David Kyle Eisenhauer (CinemaSickness.com), Toby Elgie, Tim Elliott, Dane R Erickson, Julie Ann Fay, Craig A Finseth, Daniel K. Flynn, Liam M. Flynn, Peter K. Flynn, Robert Forto, "I admire your work. May your films be covered in awesome sauce!" — John Francisco, Free Mars, Gail Galatz, Jason Genser, Bob & Melanie Gilbert, Donald O. Gilmer, Doris B. Gilmer, Ryan J. Gilmer, Steven R. Gilmer, Thom Gladhill, grawlixpodcast.com, Steven Hager, Dakota Hardisty, In Memory of Marion and Betty Hardisty, David G. Hardy, Brent Hilgart, The Hougland Family, In Memory of Richard C. Hougland, Richard "Mongo" Hougland, Mark J. Hubing, Rick Hutchins, Tony Isabella, Allison Isensee, Chris Isensee, Emily Isensee, Katie Isensee, Jason Alan Jankovsky, Ruth L. Jensen, Denver Johnson, Samantha Johnson, Douglas Kabourek, Keep Cinema Alive!, The Kennedy Family, Asta Knoll, Bob "Mantula" Kowal!, Juan Krahn, Aaron Krull, Derek M. Koch, James Larson, John M. Liga, Ian Lohr for "Mr. Stanton's Space Cadets," David Lund, BatDan Madsen, Kevin Marinier, Alia "Skully" Massie, Christopher "Sirhc" Massie, Gregory Mateljan, Babu McScrunchington, Michael and Shirley Miezwa, Raymond L Miller, Warren Miller, David Minkus, Monster Kid Radio, Grand Exalted High Macha of Raspar Matthew C. Morrison, The Mosquito and Spider Show, Bad Movie Connoisseur: Nick Naseman, Matthew Nehls, Monica Nehls, Melissa Newkirk Your Confidential Concierge, LLC, NEOZAZ.com, Niemi Associates, Inc., Jim and Linda Norgard, Mitch Obrecht, Jess & Linda Oliver, Faith Renee Ondich, Joseph E. Outlaw, Mark E. Paquette, Ann Perkins, Jennifer Perkins, Diane Perrault, Greg Pfeifer, Skot Pierson, Alexander Piwoni, Anthony Plows, Mike Plows, Mark J Rasper, Barry Rathbun, The Renchick, Thomas X. Replogle, Blair "That One Girl Who Chatters in All These Films" Rossi, Paul Alan Russak, Saint Sister Theresa The Hot Nun, Carla Schaeffer, John Schaeffer, Maggie Schultz, Cousins Nancy Sealover, Miles Sent-Leger-Franklin, Michael & Peggy Shelton, Chris Simonds, Frank "The Beatles Still Rule" Skinner, Abby Smith, Ross Snyder Jr., The Sprawl Library, Kevin St. John, Chris Stephenson, Janet Stiles, Tamara Strande, Christopher Strege, David Strege, Zach Strege, Vince Streif, Stephen D. Sullivan, Anthony Swaim-Paquette, Tekrony-Luko, Dwight Lee Thompson Jr., Diane N. Tran, Michael Vieths, Trilety Wade, Chris Wallace, Les "That's Not Your Arm" Webster, Bret D. Wheadon, Alice Wilson, Stu Whitenack — In Memory of Buckshot, Steven G. Wood, Christopher T. Young, Fred Zalatan and in appreciation of Lon Chaney, Jr.

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