Destination: Outer Space
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Released May 25, 2010 — 94 minutes, black & white, not rated
Destination: Outer Space

During a test flight of Earth's first faster-than-light-speed rocket, an incident occurs that throws test pilot Captain Mike Jackson (originally introduced in 2008's "Cave Women on Mars") halfway across the galaxy! Lost in deep space, Captain Jackson must use all his wits and derring-do to find a way back to his beloved home world. A film unlike any other, "Destination: Outer Space" is full of excitement and otherworldly adventure that includes mysterious alien planets, robotic lifeforms, beautiful space pirates, alien creatures hell-bent on galactic domination and much, much more!

Written, directed and edited by Christopher R. Mihm

Story by Christopher R. Mihm and Josh Craig

Produced by Christopher R. Mihm and Josh Craig

Executive Produced by Rylan Bachman and Mitchell A. Gonzales

Costumes by Maggie Schultz, Carol Eade, Angelina Thompson, JoAnne Wheeler, Brittany Hughes and Christopher R. Mihm

Special digital effects by Christopher R. Mihm

Special miniature and practical effects by
Christopher R. Mihm, Josh Craig, Mitch Gonzales and Michael Kaiser

Josh Craig
 — Captain Jackson/Director Jackson
Michael Kaiser
 — ADAM (body)/Ominai/Oculon/Alien Bat
Catherine Hansen
 — Yureena Null
Mitch Gonzales
 — Oculon/Ominai/Forehead Alien
Stephanie Mihm
 — Index
Christopher R. Mihm
 — ADAM (voice)
Shannon McDonough
 — The Computer (voice)
M. Scott Taulman
 — Gustav
Mike Cook
 — Hookah Alien/Rocket Command (voice)
Robert Silinghia
 — Eck
Mark Haider
 — Nok
Alisa Mattson
 — Saren
Robert Arndt
 — Lake Monster/Antennae Alien
Rylan Bachman
 — Lort
Mitch Obrecht
 — B'Kee
Angelina Thompson
 — Alien Bounty Hunter
Cherie Gallinati
 — Inebriated Alien
Maggie Schultz
 — Alien Mechanic
Anthony Kaczor
 — Eh'donish Man
Sid Korpi
 — Eh'donish Woman
Elizabeth Kaiser
 — Eh'donish Bread Girl
Emma Danbury
 — Pushy Eh'donish Girl
Devika Kataky
 — Eh'donish girl
Erica Chung
 — Eh'donish girl
Libby Witte
 — Eh'donish girl
Jessica Saltz
 — Eh'donish girl

Robert Arndt, James Atkinson, James D. Bachman, Jane E. Bachman, William Henry Bachman II, John Baker, Fiona Bonn, Richard Bonn, Mike Cook, Eileen Earnest, Cherie Gallinati, Mario Giguere, Jennifer Goloboy, Elliot Gonzales, Nicholas Gonzales, Eric J. Hagen, Steven Hager, Jennifer Hanson, Rick Hutchins, Paul and Marlys Javener/Stardust Drive In Movie Theater, Kyle Johnson, Mortimer Korpi-Kaczor, Evan Kozinski, Rob Kuhn, David Lund, Michael Mason, Vivian Mason, Aaron L. McFarland, James McGovern, Jean McGovern, Mr. Zero's: Pop Culture Heaven, Sal "TheDarkCloak" Nieto, Mitch Obrecht, Justen Overlander, Todd Parisian, Diane Perrault, Michael Plows, Christopher Reed, Richard L. Schwinden, Charles Simoneau, Becky J. Stephens, Andrew Joseph "Bonz" Theis, Ayan Warsame, Steven Welch, Steven Wood, Christopher Wood, Francis Zilka


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