Big Damn Film Fest - Omaha

By: Omahastar

The following is an excerpt from a LiveJournal blogger's review of the Big Damn Film Festival in Omaha, 2007

7:35 "The Monster of Phantom Lake" 1 hr 37 min Love, love, love this movie.

It's a spoof on all those 50s and 60s sci fi movies where some thing, some monster comes along and makes havoc.

There are tons of references to current, and classic, science fiction films, tv shows, and books. Some of the more obvious ones are characters named Professor Daniel Jackson (StarGate SG1), Elizabeth Weird (StarGate Atlantis), and Jonathon Archer. The sound effects of the classic Star Trek tricorder are used frequently, and the .. phantom ... is hilarious.

I laughed myself silly watching this movie. Of course, I also got the references. The other 9 who were in the room only seemed to get some of the more obvious/blatent jokes. ("Miss Yates, I'm only fooling with you. Do you like to fool around?" for example).

I did buy a copy of this on dvd and Christopher, the director (and writer, and co-star, and producer, and ...) signed it for me. Yay. The sequel is done now, and will be premiered in Kansas City next month, and will be available on dvd starting Tuesday. I must own a copy. This movie was easily the best of the festival, in my opinion.