Cave Women on Mars
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Released April 12, 2008 — 73 minutes, black & white, not rated
Cave Women on Mars

It is the future: 1987. Humanity has finally left the confines of its home world. When the two-man crew of the MARS-1 spaceship lands on the surface of the red planet, they are astonished to find it strangely Earth-like. After deciding to split up and scout around, Lieutenant Elliott stumbles across an amazing discovery -- primitive, matriarchal warrior women! He is promptly taken prisoner by the Martian beauties and led unwillingly across the alien landscape. While his commanding officer, Captain Jackson, searches for his lost comrade, Lieutenant Elliott encounters unimaginable excitement in the form of fierce monsters, exotic vistas, strange magic and most unexpectedly... true love! An astounding adventure unlike anything you've ever experienced, "Cave Women on Mars" is not to be missed!

Written, directed and edited by Christopher R. Mihm

Produced by Christopher R. Mihm and Josh Craig

Costumes by Brittany Hughes

Special digital effects by Christopher R. Mihm

Special miniature and practical effects by
Christopher R. Mihm and Josh Craig

Dan Sjerven
 — Lieutenant Elliott
Brooke Lemke
 — Eina
Alana Bloom
 — Orla
Josh Craig
 — Captain Jackson/Director Jackson
Rachel Grubb
 — Hagra
Emily Fradenburgh
 — Gorga
Stephanie Mihm
 — The High Priestess
Elizabeth Kaiser
 — Acolyte
Michael Kaiser
 — Martian Slave/Ojjo
Christopher R. Mihm
 — The Computer
Emma Danbury
 — Eema

Cinematic Excellence Award
Rogue Cinema (

Honorable Mention
Best Science Fiction Feature
2008 ShockerFest International Film Festival


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