The Monster of Phantom Lake
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Released March 9, 2006 — 97 minutes, black & white, not rated
The Monster of Phantom Lake

A shell-shocked ex-soldier transformed by Atomic Waste into a revolting monster wreaks havoc at a high-school graduation party in writer/producer/director Christopher R. Mihm's first film, a monochromatic tribute to the B-movie flicks of the 1950s. The summer sun is shining and a group of recently graduated teens has taken to the outdoors to celebrate their newfound freedom. Something horrific is afoot in Phantom Lake, though, and as the rampaging beast makes his presence known to the horrified teens, a dedicated scientist and his beautiful graduate student soon realize that they may have just stumbled upon one of the most important scientific discoveries of their lifetime.

Written, directed and edited by Christopher R. Mihm

Produced by Christopher R. Mihm and Josh Craig

Executive produced by Charles Mihm

Costumes by Carol Eade

Monster Costume Design and Construction by
Christopher R. Mihm, Elizabeth Kaiser and Elliott Mihm

Featuring music by EchoDriver
(mp3 download: A-Rockin', A-Rollin', All the Way A-Ramblin')

Josh Craig
 — Professor Jackson
Leigha Horton
 — Stephanie Yates
Deanne McDonald
 — Elizabeth
Brad Tracy
 — George
Lindsey Holmes
 — Penny
Justen Overlander
 — Jonathan
Rachel Grubb
 — Amy
Mike Cook
 — Gustav
M. Scott Taulman
 — Sven
Dustin Booth
 — Toady Man
Christopher R. Mihm
 — Gruff Man
Michael Kaiser
 — The Monster
Mike Mason
 — Michael "Lobo" Kaiser

Director's Choice
2006 ShockerFest International Film Festival

Cinematic Excellence Award
Rogue Cinema (

Best of Fest Award
Big Damn Film Festival
Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Chicago

Audience Choice Award
Big Damn Film Festival
Madison, St. Louis, Omaha, Kansas City, Cincinnati

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