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As the winter stretches into yet another bitterly cold month, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm finds himself laser-focused on finishing his NEXT great film, the third in the Phantom Lake Kids trilogy, "The Phantom Lake Kids in The Day the Earth Abruptly Almost Ended!"

With "The Mihmiverse Holiday Special" taking up half of his time in 2021, Mr. Mihm finds himself a little behind where he wants to be in the process. However, given how much great Mihmiverse content has been coming out these past few years, it's safe to consider that here at the Mihmiverse Monthly, we're excited for WHENEVER this new movie comes out. And just because he's a "little behind" (his words) and deadlines have been mostly arbitrary since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's safe to say he'll get it done as soon as possible and it'll be exactly what we're all hoping it'll be!

To hold us over as Mr. Mihm continues to chip away at the final edit, he's provided us with the following still from the film. In it, we see Butch (played to ridiculous perfection by David Mihm) dressed as a...cowboy? With a lasso? Doing...something goofy, we imagine, especially since you can still see his signature Davy Crockett hat under the other one! We're being told to "expect shenanigans." This photo proves we are definitely in for some!

In "The Phantom Lake Kids in The Day The Earth Abruptly Almost Ended," Phantom Lake County is shaken by inexplicable earthquakes emanating from a local system of caves and being overrun by grossly mutated creatures of unusual size—a phenomenon which may point to the return of a long-since-forgotten menace! Thankfully, the Phantom Lake Kids (Danny & Evelyn Johnson and their friends Billy Blue, Butch, and Chip) are "on the job" and determined to solve the real mystery: what's the deal with Butch's magic hat?

As has been reiterated many, many times, the Mihmiverse is only made possible by contributions from fans like you. And, at the stage this film has currently reached, contributions are needed now more than ever to make sure it's possible for writer/director Christopher R. Mihm to give the project his full attention!

For each $20.00 donation, all contributors will be entitled to having a single name* of their choosing listed in the contributors section of the closing credits of the film and a customized, frame-able document certifying their contribution!

IMPORTANT! Physical media copies of the finished film are NOT automatically included with a basic contribution. If you would like to be guaranteed a DVD or Blu-Ray of the film when it is released, you MUST order it separately (with the purchase of at least one credit)!

Credits can even be given as gifts! Imagine the looks on the faces of your loved ones when they find out their names will be immortalized on the silver screen!

"The Phantom Lake Kids in The Day The Earth Abruptly Almost Ended"
Separate credits by commas, & or "and." 
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NOTE: If you purchase one of the following credits, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm will contact you shortly after to discuss your purchase!

Associate producers will earn IMDb and on-screen credits and will be allowed certain privileges of producership, including free, exclusive merchandise and other perks (TBD).
Executive producers will earn IMDb and on-screen credits and will be allowed certain privileges of producership, including free, exclusive merchandise, set visits, and other perks (TBD).

*A single credit is defined as the name of one (1) person or corporate entity. Any credit requiring the word "and," an ampersand (&), and/or a comma (except when part of a legal company name) will constitute multiple credits and MUST BE paid for separately.

NOTE: The contributor program is an "equal exchange" program, which means specifically that those participating have NO SAY in the decisions or actions taken by anyone involved in the actual production of the film and are NOT entitled to ANY possible future profits earned by the film, derivative works, and/or merchandise created for or featuring elements from the film. Becoming an contributor does not entitle the participant to ANY ownership WHATSOEVER of the finished film or associated elements.

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Since the films of Christopher R. Mihm have existed for over 15 years, we figured digging into them would make for an entertaining addition to this newsletter! Thus, in this new section, aptly titled This Month in Mihmiverse History, we'll traipse through the "days of Mihmiverse past" and present some of the most interesting events!

Advance tickets to the last live Mihmiverse in-theater world premiere (for "Queen of Snakes") went on sale on Valentine's Day in 2019. These, however, were not the last advance tickets sold. Tickets to the pandemic-canceled live premiere of "The Phantom Lake Kids in The Beast Walks Among Us" went on sale in the February 2020 edition of the Mihmiverse Monthly newsletter.

Principal photography of "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" began in February 2016. The first scenes shot involved the point-of-view flashbacks of Cpl. John Baker as he is tortured and transformed into the titular monster by the evil Nazi Dr. Schramm.

The Uncle John's Burger Dog debuted at a launch party in February of 2014. The event included a screening of "The Giant Spider" at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis and one free burger dog with each admission ticket!

In February of 2013, "House of Ghosts" received a nomination for a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Independent Film—which it subsequently won a few months later! Despite a handful of nominations for other Mihmiverse films, "House of Ghosts" is the only one to win.

Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm added an extremely unique experience to SaintEuphoria.com in 2012: "Danny Johnson and the Lucky Coin:" a Mihmiverse interactive adventure game set in the Wisawa caves and starring the character of Danny Johnson from the Phantom Lake Kids movie series. At the time the game was released, Danny had only appeared in "Terror from Beneath the Earth." This online "text adventure" was presented in a style similar to classic 1980s-era Infocom interactive fiction games like "Zork" and still works! However, it was originally built for desktop and laptop computers, and isn't particularly mobile-friendly!
The latest episode of the Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast has arrived!

This month, host writer/director Christopher R. Mihm reveals what he plans to make AFTER "The Phantom Lake Kids in The Day the Earth Abruptly Almost Ended," talks about how much he misses live in-theater world premieres, and discusses his favorite event in the 2022 Winter Olympics—curling!

Also included: The latest installment of "An Oral History of the Mihmiverse," the next chapter of "Atomic Tales," a monthly short story from the author of "The Canoe Cops vs. The Mummy," Stephen D. Sullivan, and another joke from Dr. Bob Tesla of Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob!

To download an .mp3 of the audiocast, click HERE, visit archive.org where the file is stored, or download it free from Apple Podcasts!

Otherwise, if you'd like to listen to the episode right from this browser window, click the play button on the player below!

The Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast is hosted by writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and is focused specifically on what's going on RIGHT NOW in the Mihmiverse. In addition, Mr. Mihm will discuss the monster movie-making process, touch briefly on the future of the 'verse, pontificate on random subjects, and be joined by guests from within and without the Mihmiverse. PLUS, each episode will include something unique you won't find anywhere else!

Welcome to the Mihmiverse Monthly feature where we talk to YOU, the fans! Every month, we choose a random Mihmivite and ask them a few Mihmiverse-related questions in an attempt to get to know them better and find out what they REALLY think about the films of Christopher R. Mihm!

This month, we interview David Rogers!

Introduce yourself to the Mihmiverse!
Hello, I'm David Rogers from Craigsville, West Virginia. Well... and sometimes I travel to the Mihmiverse on special occasions. I am 64 years old, and a retired correctional officer. I am currently recovering from a double lung transplant that I had in January of 2021. Those trips to the Mihmiverse really helped. I am married and have a son, a daughter, and seven grandsons who need to be introduced to the films as soon as they are ready.

When and how did you discover the films of Christopher R. Mihm?
I discovered the films a few years back while browsing Amazon Video. I love black and white sci-fi movies. Out of curiosity, I watched "The Monster of Phantom Lake" and I was blown away! I loved the humor and how it captured the feeling of the old films. There were so many little things in the film that made it special. It is so very well done. I then had to watch every one of the films of the Mihmiverse. There is nothing else out there that captures the originality and awesomeness of these films. Loved them all!

If you had to pick just ONE, which of the Mihmiverse films would be your favorite?
Tell us how you, in particular, show your "Mihmiverse pride!"
By telling all my friends and family how great and original The Mihmiverse is. Ordering merchandise and having my sister recreate some of the monsters in papier-mâché which I have proudly displayed.

Where would you like to see the Mihmiverse go in the future?
The Phantom Lake Kids battle robots or go to war with the com....put-ers!
Want to be interviewed for a future edition of the Mihmiverse Fan Focus? Send an email to info@sainteuphoria.com and let us know! Maybe next month the subject will be YOU!
The Year of The Cat!

Actually, according to the Chinese Zodiac, 2022 is Year of the Tiger, but since there aren't a lot of cheesy horror films involving tigers, decided to go with cats in general.

As always, there are two lists. Just match the film with the plot points. Get a purrrfect score and you'll be named the "Pick of the (Kitty) Litter!"

1. "The Black Cat" (1941)
2. "Bell, Book & Candle" (1958)
3. "The Shadow of the Cat" (1961)
4. "The Eye of the Cat" (1969)
5. "Blood Feast" (1972)

A. A man and his girlfriend plan to rob his eccentric, but wealthy, aunt. The problem? Auntie has several dozen cats and the man is afraid of—you guessed it—cats.
B. Greedy heirs gather to wait for the ailing Henrietta Winslow to die. This film has it all: howling cats, thunder and lightning, gunshots, murder...and Basil Rathbone.
C. A millionaire picks up women in his helicopter, and flies them back to his place. He wines, dines and kills them—then feeds them to his army of cats.
D. A house cat witnesses the murder of her mistress by two servants (under orders from the "mister"), and becomes hell-bent on revenge.
E. A witch discovers that the man who lives in the apartment upstairs is about to marry her college nemesis. With help from her cat, she casts a spell on the man...and all hell breaks loose. This Oscar-nominated film starred Jack Lemmon, Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak (and may have been the inspiration for TV's "Bewitched").

Bonus Question: In what 1993 horror classic did "NCIS" star Sean Murray (Special Agent Tim McGee) play a cat?
Scroll to the bottom of the Mihmiverse Monthly for the answers.
— Mike Cook
The Unearthly (1957)
Directed by Boris Petroff
Starring John Carradine and Allison Hayes

Strange things are afoot in horror legend John Carradine's laboratory! Posing as a brilliant psychologist, Dr. Charles Conway owns a creepy house in the middle of nowhere where people go to "get away for a while" and deal with their "problems." Unfortunately, once they arrive and are deemed "worthy" of Dr. Conway's "treatments," their problems REALLY begin! Seems the good doctor (mad scientist, really) has come up with what he believes to be the secret... to life... itself! Apparently, it has something to do with glands, and if he can somehow create and successfully implant a synthetic gland into the human body, people will live forever and/or never get sick. The problem is that every one of his unwilling guinea pigs/human subjects becomes a horrific mutant! The bulk of the story plays a bit like an old film noir, complete with classic character types and a great double-cross twist near the end. John Carradine does "creepy" like few others and the cast includes Ed Wood regular Tor Johnson as his simple, hulking assistant Lobo—the inspiration for war vet Michael Kaiser's nickname in "The Monster of Phantom Lake." The film is quite effective at building an atmosphere of uneasiness, with the final payoff bordering on "Twilight Zone" greatness. Overall, it's a wonderful classic creeper with what has to be one of the greatest posters ever...if you're into that sort of thing!
— Christopher R. Mihm
If you're like most people these days, you tend to stream your favorite TV shows and movies, particularly because it's way more convenient and you have access to them in more places! Did you know that there are now several places to stream the entire Mihmiverse catalog?

From the movie that started it all, "The Monster of Phantom Lake," to its musical offshoot, "The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical!," and "The Mihmiverse Holiday Special," everything you need to "visit" the denizens of Phantom Lake County is available for your streaming pleasure!

The ENTIRE filmography of writer/director Christopher R. Mihm (including the recently-released "The Mihmiverse Holiday Special") is available through the Mihmiverse Vimeo VOD portal!

Every film is presented using the same ultra high-quality renders used for the official Blu-Ray releases and actually feeds video content to the Drive-in Monsters Roku channel. Most importantly, the Mihmiverse Vimeo VOD portal is the ONLY PLACE to legally own the films digitally!

AND, as a new feature, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm is busy adding the Esperanto language versions of his films (those which have Esperanto language audio tracks, that is) to both the Vimeo VOD portal and Drive-in Monsters Roku channel! If you speak Esperanto, or are interesting in learning the language, a new Mihmiverse resource is being built just for you!

Retro-style monster movies from the wild & weird imagination of cult filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm! From giant, rampaging spiders to alien invasions and bug-eyed horrors, the Drive-in Monsters channel includes the entire catalog of Mr. Mihm's films, exclusive extras, and long lost special features originally released on currently out-of-print physical media! Explore the worldwide, underground cult phenomenon known as the "Mihmiverse" and enjoy the rebirth of the golden age of "drive-in cinema" with the Drive-in Monsters channel!

As of right now, the channel is free... but, that most likely will not last forever! So make sure to enjoy the Drive-in Monsters Roku channel while it's still completely free of charge!

Most of the films of the Mihmiverse are available on Amazon Video. Sadly, as Amazon continues to revise and rewrite its policies, they have downgraded the entire Mihmiverse catalog from "available with Prime" to rental only. Though this wasn't entirely unexpected—given the way the service has been slowly ridding itself of the films of Christopher R. Mihm—we CANNOT guarantee they will still be there on any given day! So, if Amazon is your preferred place to watch the Mihmiverse, enjoy it while it lasts!

NOTE: Amazon has barred writer/director Christopher R. Mihm (and MANY other independent filmmakers) from adding any new films to their service. As far as we have been able to figure out, the service is taking a more "curated" approach to its catalog and, unfortunately, does not have any more room for the cheesy goodness of the Mihmiverse! Therefore, if you're interested in watching the newest films of the Mihmiverse, we highly recommend checking out the Mihmiverse Roku channel, Drive-in Monsters!
Mihmiverse DVDs & Blu-Rays are now available at SaintEuphoria.com, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm. In addition, exclusive movie posters, collectibles and other merchandise are now in stock. Everything is available in extremely limited quantities, so get yours today before they run out!
The Trivia Corner answers: 1-B, 2-E, 3-D, 4-A, 5-C, Bonus: "Hocus Pocus" (Thackery)

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