With principal photography of "X: The Fiend from Beyond Space" (the first half of the next Mihmiverse movie, "The Late Night Double Feature") nearly complete, principal photography of the OTHER half, "The Wall People" has begun... check out the photographic evidence below!

This rare behind-the-scenes color photo was taken by the first lady of the Mihmiverse, Stephanie Mihm, during what looks like an intense discussion between writer/director Christopher R. Mihm (right) and star Douglas Sidney (left), who returns to the Mihmiverse after last appearing as Dr. Collins in 2011's "Attack of the Moon Zombies."

The Wall People

Principal photography for "The Late Night Double Feature" is scheduled to continue through the end of the year, with the world premiere tentatively scheduled for April 26th, 2014. In addition to that date being a SATURDAY (a request made by many Mihmivites and FINALLY fulfilled), plans are coming together to expand the attendee experience to include events scheduled the night before the premiere. Expect to hear more about this exciting development in future issues of this newsletter!

Speaking of "The Late Night Double Feature," you can still join the dozens of others who have already become a contributor and get your name in the end credits! In addition to an on-screen credit, everyone who contributes will receive a collector's ticket to the world premiere, a copy of the finished DVD and a cool, personalized certificate celebrating their contribution! Credits can even be given as gifts!

For more information about the contributor program, click HERE and enroll today!

What was mentioned in last month's issue of the Mihmiverse Monthly as only a possibility is now set to become a reality!

Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm is in the process of creating a Mihmiverse-inspired, 1950s-style sci-fi magazine called "Tales of the Fantastic!" In the vein of "Astounding Science Fiction" and "Amazing Stories," "Tales of the Fantastic" will feature retro-styled fiction and art from independent authors and artists INCLUDING a pair of Canoe Cops-inspired stories from accomplished (and VERY talented) writer, Stephen D. Sullivan!

If you're a writer or someone who has considered writing, Mr. Mihm is seeking short stories for possible inclusion in the "proof of concept" first issue. This issue will be used to attract investors and advertisers and, once published, is destined to become a rare collectible!

Here are the parameters for would-be submitters. All stories must meet the following criteria:
  • Be original works. Adaptations will not be considered.
  • Be 50 pages or less with no minimum word count.
  • Must be retro "fantastic fiction." Beyond science fiction, steampunk/Victorian, fantasy, light horror, even adventure stories are all acceptable. Please, no "cyberpunk" stories or anything involving the Internet that doesn't SOMEHOW come from a unique 1950s-style perspective.
  • You MUST have complete copyright ownership of your submission.
If you need further guidance on what is acceptable, just imagine stories you could have read in a pulp sci-fi magazine circa 1959.

The first issue deadline has been extended to October 15th. For all accepted stories, the author will retain the copyright of the work but will give Saint Euphoria LLC permission to print the work both online and off. (The plan is to make actual physical copies.) For questions, comments or submissions, please send an email to magazine@sainteuphoria.com.

PLEASE pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what strange new worlds you dream up! Though there is no compensation available for stories chosen for this issue, the plan is to attract enough capital to make sure this is the ONLY issue where this will happen! PLUS, if your story is selected for this issue, you will earn "preferred status" on all subsequent submissions!

NOTE: The cover art seen here is strictly conceptual and does not constitute the final version (nor final story selection).

The always-busy fall "screening season" is in full swing! The best place to see any one (or all) of the films of Christopher R. Mihm is surrounded by like-minded individuals who appreciate all the fun that is the Mihmiverse! Plus, seeing a movie in a theater is a rare respite from this world of distraction in which we live!

As of the publication of this newsletter, here are some Mihmiverse-related screenings and events:
  • "The Giant Spider" has been accepted to and will screen on October 6th at the Highway 61 Film Festival in Pine City, MN!
  • The Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild presents the Western Wisconsin premiere of "The Giant Spider" on October 12th at the Grand Little Theatre in Eau Claire, WI!
  • A years-long tradition continues when the latest Mihmiverse film, "The Giant Spider," screens at the Jack-o-Lantern Jaunt in the home of the real Phantom Lake, Mukwonago, WI! (October 18-19)
  • October 18th through the 20th, the Mihmiverse returns to ValleyCon, the Fargo Entertainment Expo! The weekend will include a screening of "The Giant Spider" and appearances by stars of the film!
  • The Mihmiverse invades the UK! October 24-27, ALL EIGHT of writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's films will be screening in the Sultan's Sci-Fi Suite at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival!
  • On October 26th, "The Giant Spider" will screen at the 2013 B-Movie Celebration in Woodridge, IL and at a special "second premiere" event at the Historic Palace Theatre in Luverne, MN! Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm will personally present the film in Luverne and speak about the creation of his latest "new old, good bad" masterpiece!
Don't live near one of the cities where the films of Christopher R. Mihm are screening? Why not check with an independently-owned theater near you about hosting a Mihm-movie-night event? Please contact us at info@sainteuphoria.com for more information. Depending on scheduling and distance, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and a monster or two may even make it to your event!

For a complete list of Mihmiverse-related events, visit (and bookmark) the SaintEuphoria.com events page!

While spending a magnificent weekend at the Edgerton Sterling North Book and Film Festival in late September, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and the first lady of the Mihmiverse, Stephanie Mihm, snapped the following pair of photos we feel are worth publishing for all to see!

The photo on the left is a cell phone capture of an electronic billboard featuring Mr. Mihm located in Janesville, WI. Upon randomly seeing this billboard, Mrs. Mihm had an immediate excited reaction while, this being the first time ever, her husband was more or less dumbfounded to see his "mug" on a billboard!

The second photo is of a sign that was found hanging in a hallway at the actual event. The featured speaker at the festival was Dr. Patch Adams, a physician and social activist who was immortalized in the semi-biographical film, "Patch Adams" (1998), starring Robin Williams. Though Mr. Mihm's "star" is nowhere near as bright as Dr. Adams', it was still a huge thrill for the man-behind-the-Mihmiverse to see his name next to someone as impressive and storied!

The latest episode of the Mihmiverse Bonfire Podcast is now available for download!

This month, hosts Rhuby 'n' Hater hang out by the fire with writer/director Christopher R. Mihm (natch), fire tender (and first lady of the Mihmiverse) Stephanie Mihm and a very special nepotistic guest-of-honor: Elliott Schmoobert Moo Catfood Cornelius Begala Mihm (Danny Johnson from "Terror from Beneath the Earth" and "The Giant Spider")!

Also included: writer/director Christopher R. Mihm reads a passage from the guest's favorite book... when he was three.
Click to download part 1Click to download part 2

The Mihmiverse Bonfire Podcast was created as a supplement to this newsletter and will be released on or around the 15th of every month. Moderated by hosts Rhuby 'n' Hater, this free-to-download monthly audiocast offers exclusive news, interviews with the folks who make the Mihmiverse possible, shameless self-promotion, and original recurring content!

If you'd like to ask a question of the hosts, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, or any of the show's upcoming guest(s), click HERE to submit your queries! If we like them, we may even include them in a future podcast! OR, you can "like" the Mihmiverse Bonfire Podcast page on Facebook and "participate" by posting to the podcast's wall during recording!

Every month, the Mihmiverse Monthly, the official newsletter of the films of Christopher R. Mihm, includes an ever-changing array of guest-written columns.

This month you'll find:
  • The Trivia Corner
    Mike Cook (Gustav/Dr. Edwards) uses the skills learned when he was the coordinator of AOL's Trivia Channel to bring you trivia with a Mihmiverse twist!
  • From the Mihmiverse Test Kitchens
    The first lady of the Mihmiverse, Stephanie Mihm (Rosemary/Ursula), shares her favorite recipes that are sure to satisfy any monster-sized appetite!
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for other columns, OR if you're interested in writing one, please contact us at info@sainteuphoria.com and let us know what you think!

Missile to the Moon (1959)
Directed by Richard E. Cunha
Starring Richard Travis and Cathy Downs

Essentially a remake of 1953's "Cat Women of the Moon," "Missile to the Moon" follows the exciting adventures of Earth's first manned mission to our nearest celestial neighbor. The film opens as the American government is attempting to commandeer a privately-designed atomic-powered rocket. When a pair of escaped convicts stow away on the craft, its designer, an angry scientist who is none-too-happy about the situation, sees it as the perfect opportunity to launch. Holding them at gunpoint, the scientist forces the young fugitives to act as his crew before his groundbreaking achievement is taken away. Meanwhile, the designer's assistant and his fiance board the ship in search of the scientist and become trapped as the countdown to launch begins. After a violent take-off that results in the accidental death of the rocket ship's creator, the remaining members of the ragtag crew land safely on the surface of the moon and find themselves besieged by bad science, cheesy rock monsters, an evil giant spider marionette, and a race of beautiful, semi-telepathic alien women hell-bent on returning to Earth to take over! Overall, "Missile to the Moon" is an improvement over the film on which it is based, but to put that in perspective, "Cat Women of the Moon" is considered one of the worst movies of all time so... it's not much of an achievement. The acting is era-and-genre-appropriate and the special effects aren't particularly special, with the previously mentioned lunar spider creature being a perfect example of how wonderfully bad things can get. In spite of everything however, the film is actually quite enjoyable. The pacing is a bit quicker than most films of the era and its runtime is mercifully short. If you like classic "drive-in grade" science fiction, this is definitely not to be missed!
— Christopher R. Mihm

Since so many fans and supporters have become Mihmiverse contributors, we wanted to take time to highlight some of these wonderful people! Thus, every month between now and the release of "The Late Night Double Feature," we will randomly choose and interview one of them.

This month, we interview Chris Isensee!

Introduce yourself to the Mihmiverse!

Hi, I'm Chris Isensee and I'm relatively new to Mihmiverse. I love going to movies and especially love seeing local independent films.

When and how did you discover the films of Christopher R. Mihm?

In 2007, when I was researching regional film festivals to submit a short film I was working on ("Park Grubbs"), I kept seeing "The Monster of Phantom Lake" listed as receiving an award or having been screened previously at these festivals. A few years later, my children and I stayed for a third feature at the Hi-way 18 Outdoor Theatre in Jefferson, WI and the film turned out to be "Destination: Outer Space." We liked it so much, we've been going there to see every one of Christopher R. Mihm's films since!

Which of the eight released films is your favorite and why?

My favorite is the most recent one, "The Giant Spider." Aside from it being a pretty good tribute to the 1950s-era "creature films," my kids were extras in the movie! If you pay close attention, you can see them running away from the spider during the drive-in scene. We had a blast on set (in spite of the hot summer day) and my kids kept asking where the "giant spider" was that they were supposed to be running from.

Why did you contribute to the next Mihmiverse film, "The Late Night Double Feature?"

I've enjoyed the eight Mihmiverse films and would like to continue seeing a new film every year so, hopefully my contribution will help keep them going. Because I contributed to the production, I was also able to attend the premiere of "The Giant Spider" at the Heights Theater earlier this year and I'd like to attend another. My kids and I are eagerly awaiting writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's next films!

Interested in becoming a contributor and seeing your name in the credits of "The Late Night Double Feature?" All contributors will get their name listed in the end credits of "The Late Night Double Feature," a ticket to the premiere, a copy of the film on DVD, and a frame-able certificate with their name and title—perfect for your own "wall of fame!"

Visit the contributor page at SaintEuphoria.com, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm, for more information. Who knows? Maybe next month we'll be interviewing YOU!

When Worlds Collide!

We're talking about the Mihmiverse...and the world of sports.

See if you can score the correct answers to these "same-name" questions right out of left field:

1. This Major League Baseball pitcher spent most of his career with the Texas Rangers, but he wrapped things up in 1988 as a Minnesota Twin. In the Mihmiverse, he played Dr. Frasier.

2. This pitcher was on the 1989 roster of the Minnesota Twins, but also pitched for the California Angels and Baltimore Orioles during his career. In the Mihmiverse, he was Harlan.

3. In 2013, this infielder hit .265 for the Charlotte Knights, the Triple-A farm team of the Chicago White Sox. In the Mihmiverse, he was The Medium.

4. Daniel R. Sjerven's character in "The Giant Spider" had the same name as this switch-hitting slugger who played all 3 outfield positions, as well as first base, third base and shortstop for the Tigers, Mets, Rockies and Cubs in the '80s and '90s.

5. This NBA star played basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics and L.A. Lakers, before retiring in 2009 shortly after being traded to the Memphis Grizzlies. In the Mihmiverse, he was Robert Ripley, among other things!

Scroll to the bottom of the Mihmiverse Monthly for the answers.

— Mike Cook

This month, I have an interesting enchilada recipe for you and, though it may sound weird, the filling is creamy and is packed with wonderful flavor!

Turkey Pecan Enchiladas

  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 4 ounces reduced-fat cream cheese
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 4 cups cubed cooked turkey breast
  • 1/4 cup chopped pecans, toasted
  • 12 flour tortillas (6 inches), warmed
  • 1 can (10-3/4 ounces) reduced-fat reduced-sodium condensed cream of chicken soup, undiluted
  • 1 cup (8 ounces) reduced-fat sour cream
  • 1 cup fat-free milk
  • 2 tablespoons canned chopped green chilies
  • 1/2 cup shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese
  • 2 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro
In a small nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray, cook and stir onion over medium heat until tender. Set aside. In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese, water, cumin, pepper and salt until smooth. Stir in the onion, turkey and pecans.

Spoon 1/3 cup turkey mixture down the center of each tortilla. Roll up and place seam side down in a 13-in. x 9-in. baking dish coated with cooking spray. Combine the soup, sour cream, milk and chilies; pour over enchiladas.

Cover and bake at 350° for 40 minutes. Uncover; sprinkle with cheese. Bake 5 minutes longer or until heated through and cheese is melted. Sprinkle with cilantro.

Yield: 12 servings

This dish was a big hit with my monsters and they gave it 8 out of 8 "fuzzy spider legs." Serve with a cheddar cauliflower side and a cold glass of milk. Enjoy!

You can find this recipe (and many more like it) and its corresponding nutrition information on the Taste of Home website!
— Stephanie Mihm

October 6 - 6:00PM

"The Giant Spider" has been accepted to and will screen at the Highway 61 Film Festival in Pine City, MN!

Pine Technical College, 900 4th Street South Southeast, Pine City, MN
October 12 - 7:00PM

The Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild presents the Western Wisconsin premiere of "The Giant Spider" at the Grand Little Theatre in Eau Claire!

The Grand Little Theatre, 102 West Grand Avenue, Eau Claire, WI
October 18-19, $1.00 donation

Continuing a long-held Mihmiverse tradition, "The Giant Spider" will screen at this year's Jack-o-Lantern Jaunt in Mukwonago, WI! Mukwonago, home of the actual Phantom Lake, will again host this great family-friendly event wherein Field Park (essentially the town's "Central Park") is decorated with hundreds of carved, lit pumpkins placed along the walking path that runs through it.

Admission is only $1.00 per person and the proceeds go to good local causes.

Field Park, corner of Highway 83 and County Road NN, Mukwonago, WI
October 18-20

The Mihmiverse returns to ValleyCon, the Fargo Entertainment Expo!

Now in its 39th year, ValleyCon is the Red River valley's premiere genre event and has featured many familiar "big name" guests over the years! Mihmiverse representatives Tori Fox (Eleanor) and executive producer Ryan Fox will be on hand to sell merchandise in the dealer's room and present a special screening of "The Giant Spider!"

For location and admission information, please visit the event's website!
October 24-27

ALL EIGHT of the films of the Mihmiverse will be screening in the Sultan's Sci-Fi Suite at this year's Bram Stoker International Film Festival!

The Bram Stoker International Film Festival is an annual event that shows independent narrative features, documentaries, and shorts from around the world. The festival takes place in Whitby, England, a location familiar to anyone who has read (or experienced one of its many incarnations) Bram Stoker's most famous novel, "Dracula."

Visit that festival's website for specific time, location and ticket information!
October 26 - 4:00PM

"The Giant Spider" screens at the 2013 B-Movie Celebration, an event in its seventh year that celebrates cheesy movies, the people who created the classics and those who continue to keep the B-movie art form alive!

Hollywood Boulevard Cinema, 1001 West 75th Street, Woodridge, IL
October 26 - 7:00PM

"The Giant Spider" will be screened at a special "second premiere" event at the Historic Palace Theatre in Luverne, MN!

Writer/director Christopher Mihm will be in attendance to speak about the creation of his latest "new old, good bad" masterpiece! Please join us for a night of fun and Halloween surprises.

Palace Theatre, 104 East Main Street, Luverne, MN

Stephanie Mihm, the first lady of the Mihmiverse, has a new travelogue blog that chronicles her adventures visiting roadside attractions and unique eateries. The blog is updated often and includes tons of photos!

Check it out by visiting AmericanaMama.com!
Leigha Horton (Stephanie Yates) will be spending a month in Chicago as part of an artist residency at Columbia College for The Peoples Cook, which seeks to engage the community through the theatrical and culinary arts.

Check out two of Ms. Horton's national TV commercials, one for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and the other for Yoplait Greek Yogurt!
Billie Jo Konze (Dr. Victoria Hackett) will star in Shaun of the Dead: The Drinking Game on October 12th at the The Bryant Lake Bowl.
Every Tuesday night, J. Andrew Wilkins (The Medium) hosts a trivia night at the Green Mill in Eagan, MN (Green Mill, 1940 Rahncliff Road, Eagan, MN). Also, Mr. Wilkins will be directing "Trials, Tribulations and Christmas Decorations" at the Lakeville Area Arts Center (November 8-10, 15-17, 22-24).
Sid Korpi (Leigh) will be performing in the interactive comedic mystery experience, "Best Laid Plans," through The Murder Mystery Co. Check out their website for location, time and admission information.

On October 13, Sid Korpi will be emceeing the Jungle Boogie fundraiser for the Wildcat Sanctuary.

Lastly, don't miss out on your chance to rub elbows with Ms. Korpi and her husband Anthony Kaczor ("Goat Man") at All About Dogs Day @ The Arb on November 2nd.
"Nothing Without You," a film starring Emily Fradenburgh (Gorga) will be closing out the 2013 Twin Cities Film Fest on Saturday, October 26th.

"The Choo Choo Bob Show," which also features Ms. Fradenburgh, recently won three Upper Midwest Emmys and, over the course of the fourth quarter, will be holding a series of live events. Check out the show's website for more information!
Throughout November, Deanne McDonald (Elizabeth) will be performing in "Dating Incorporated" at the Public House Theatre in Chicago. To stay up-to-date on all things Deanne McDonald, visit her website!
Douglas Sidney (Dr. Collins) will be hosting the 2013 Twin Cities Film Fest running October 17th-26th.

Click HERE to see Mr. Sidney in a fun commercial for Clothes Mentor.

"The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Cave Women on Mars," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," "Destination: Outer Space," "Attack of the Moon Zombies," "House of Ghosts" and "The Giant Spider" DVDs are now available at SaintEuphoria.com, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm.

In addition, exclusive movie posters, patches, collectibles and other merchandise are now in stock. Everything is available in extremely limited quantities, so get yours today before they run out!

The Trivia Corner answers:
1. Mike Mason, 2. Mike Cook, 3. Andy Wilkins, 4. Howard Johnson, 5. Christopher Mihm


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