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"Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" has arrived!
On a brisk September evening, hundreds of brave souls lined up outside the beautiful Heights Theater in Columbia Heights, MN to be among the first to take in the intense spectacle of writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's darkest film to date.

The theater filled to near-capacity and, as the lights dimmed and the hand-picked Universal newsreels splashed onto the silver screen, a palpable sense of excitement floated through the auditorium. Next, the crowd was treated to a trio of deliberately chosen classic trailers including two films which feature escaped Nazi scientists as villains (1955's "Creature with the Atom Brain" and 1958's "She Demons") and last year's Mihmiverse release, "Danny Johnson Saves The World."

Finally...it was show time and "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" started to roll. The film began with a few laughs but very quickly, attendees came to the realization that this film was not built like previous Mihmiverse movies. Heavier subject matter and dark themes permeate the story and the enthralled audience rode the film's unique cinematic wave straight on through to its shocking conclusion—which received an audible collective gasp! As the first of the end credits hit the screen, the crowd roared their approval!

After the film was over and the winners of the silent auction were announced, everyone shuffled out into the lobby where many picked up the latest Mihmiverse merchandise, mingled with the cast and crew, collected autographs and shared their thoughts on the film. Based on a very unscientific sampling of opinions, it appears the film was received VERY positively, with many calling it the "best Mihmiverse film since 'The Giant Spider'." One moviegoer was even overheard saying, "I don't know how [writer/director Christopher R. Mihm] is going to top that one!"

Check out some very cool photos from the event, most of which were taken by attendee Ben Huset (and used by permission) below!

From left to right, top to bottom: Despite his villainous turn in the film, James Norgard (Schramm) was more than happy to sign an autograph for a fan (with Mihmiverse newcomer Christian Finch right behind him!), stars Rachel Grubb (Leisl) and Douglas Sidney (Cpl. Baker) join in the DVD signing glee, fans line up to get their photo taken with the Weresquito and Mihmiverse photographer Christi Jean Williams, who gives us her best ear-splitting scream in the opening credits of the new film, snaps a selfie with the monster!

"Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" is now available on DVD!

In writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's latest, horrific Nazi experiments have left a surviving American WWII soldier with a terrifying condition: at the sight of fresh blood, he transforms into a man-sized, blood-sucking killer insect! Refusing to let his affliction destroy him, he instead commits himself to using his "powers" for good—by finding the people responsible and bringing them to justice!

In addition to the film, the DVD contains several exclusive special features, including a blooper reel, a music video for "Do the 'Squito" performed by 5¢ Psychiatrist, feature-length commentary with writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, English and Esperanto subtitles and much more!

$9.99 (+$2.99 shipping & handling)
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Lobby cards are a form of movie advertising that were quite common from the early days of film, up through the B-movie-rich 1950s and '60s. Usually issued in sets of eight, each card featured a different scene from the film. These days, full sets of lobby cards are highly sought after by collectors.

After releasing lobby card sets for most of the eleven released Mihmiverse films, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm has created a new set for his latest film, "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter!"

Available as an extremely-limited-run collectible, this set of eight 8.5" x 11" lobby cards depicts scenes from the film and are hand-colorized and stylistically "weathered" to look extra retro!

$19.99 per set
FREE shipping & handling!
The latest episode of the Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast has arrived!

Recorded in the car on the way to the Fargo Fantastic Film festival (you can even hear the tires on the road!), this month's episode finds host writer/director Christopher R. Mihm recapping his experiences at the "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" premiere and waxing philosophic about what making movies means to him!

Also included: another "bad" joke from Dr. Bob Tesla of Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob and a reading of "The Red Probe," an entertaining piece of Mihmiverse fan fiction written by longtime super fan, Dakota Hardisty!

To download an .mp3 of the audiocast, click HERE, visit archive.org where the file is stored or download it free from iTunes!

Otherwise, if you'd like to listen to the episode right from this browser window, click the play button on the player below!

The Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast is hosted by writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and is focused specifically on what's going on RIGHT NOW in the Mihmiverse. In addition, Mr. Mihm will discuss the monster movie-making process, touch briefly on the future of the 'verse, pontificate on random subjects, and be joined by guests from within and without the Mihmiverse. PLUS, each episode will include something unique you won't find anywhere else!

October 7-9, 2016
Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm will be the indie filmmaker guest of honor at the 5th annual Lake Charles Film & Music Festival! In addition to holding a panel discussion about his particular low-budget filmmaking process, he'll be personally presenting a screening of his newest film, "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter!"

Visit the event's website for more information!
October 8, 2016 - 11:30PM
Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob holds the Ohio premiere of "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter!" This event is free AND the first ten people in the door get a free poster!

Gateway Film Center, 1550 North High Street, Columbus, OH
October 10, 2016 - 9:00PM, $5.00
Christopher R. Mihm returns to the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson, TX for the DFW premiere of "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter!"

Advance tickets available HERE!

Alamo Drafthouse, 100 South Central Expressway #14, Richardson, TX
October 14-15, 2016 - 7:00PM, $1.00 donation
Continuing a long-standing Mihmiverse tradition, "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" will screen at this year's Jack-o-Lantern Jaunt in Mukwonago, WI, home of the actual Phantom Lake. This great family-friendly event will be in Field Park (essentially the town's "Central Park"), which will be decorated with hundreds of carved, lit pumpkins placed along the walking path that runs through it.

Admission is only $1.00 per person and the proceeds go to good local causes.

Field Park, corner of Highway 83 and County Road NN, Mukwonago, WI
October 14-16, 2016
Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm will be a guest at Crypticon Minneapolis, "The Nightmare Before Halloween"—three days of your favorite actors, authors, and artists, along with tons of new people and things you never knew existed!

"Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" screens Friday night at 11:00PM!

Crowne Plaza Suites MSP Airport Mall of America, 3 Appletree Square, Bloomington, MN
October 17, 2016 - 8:00PM
"It Came From Another World!" screens at the Washington Psychotronic Film Society!

Smoke & Barrel, 2471 18th Street Northwest, Washington, DC
October 22, 2016 - 10:00AM–5:00PM
Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm will be a guest of honor at Northern Convergence, he first ever comic/sci-fi and record convention in Forest Lake, MN

The American Legion, 355 West Broadway, Forest Lake, MN
October 25, 2016 - 6:30PM
Celebrate Halloween with a screening of "The Giant Spider!" Presented by SuperMonster市City, the film will screen as part of the Fall Film Series, a weekly event in October which focuses on Minnesota monster filmmakers!

Big Thrill Factory, 17585 Highway 7, Minnetonka, MN
November 10, 2016 - 7:30PM
"Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" screens at the Lake 5 Theatre for a very special "Christopher R. Mihm Night" edition of Edwood Grimm's Thursday Night Fright, a bi-monthly event that features classic horror and sci-fi films!

Lake 5 Theatre, 1480 South Lake Street, Forest Lake, MN
November 19, 2016 - 7:00PM, $8.00
Enjoy a double feature of "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" and Roger Corman's 1959 schlock classic, "The Wasp Woman," at the oldest theater in Decatur, IL!

Lincoln Square Theatre, 141 North Main Street, Decatur, IL
Don't live near one of the cities where the films of Christopher R. Mihm are screening? Why not check with an independently-owned theater near you about hosting a Mihm-movie-night event? If you can successfully book a screening of one or more Mihmiverse films in your area, you'll earn a $25 gift certificate to put toward any merchandise featured on the merchandise page at SaintEuphoria.com, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm!

Please contact us at info@sainteuphoria.com for more information. Depending on scheduling and distance, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and a monster or two may even make it to your event!
For a complete list of Mihmiverse-related events, visit (and bookmark) the SaintEuphoria.com events page!
She Demons (1958)
Directed by Richard E. Cunha
Starring Irish McCalla, Tod Griffin and Victor Sen Yung

An "All American" hunk, a blonde bombshell and an Asian guy stuck making offensive and stereotypical jokes ("jumpin' wontons!") are shipwrecked on an uncharted island and find themselves not only at ground zero of a planned atomic test, but ALSO in the middle of an escaped Nazi doctor's experiment in which he turns beautiful women into monsters in search of a "cure" for his wife's disfiguration. "She Demons" was a cheap B-picture made by Astor Pictures to complete a double feature which included the director's other film, "Giant from the Unknown." The film was intended to comedically mimic the kinds of stories found in men's "adventure magazines" popular at the time and definitely comes off as lurid and exploitative (at least by the standards of the era). The script is generally abysmal and the acting and direction aren't much better. However, as an example of a movie SO BAD it crosses that magic line and becomes good, you can do worse than "She Demons." It should be noted, however, a lot of the humor is NOT politically correct by modern standards. Because of that, I can't recommend this film to EVERYONE, but, if you, like me, have seen everything else released during the era of drive-in cinema, this is definitely worth at least one viewing!
— Christopher R. Mihm
It's another month and yet another time Christopher R. Mihm is having me take valuable time from my lab. Since he wants me to take that time to educate you in SCIENCE, I won't be too angry, for I am Dr. Bob Tesla, official horror host of the Mihmiverse!

Since the European Space Agency just ended the fairly successful Rosetta mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, I thought it would be fitting to talk about the most famous comet of all time: Halley's Comet aka Comet Halley (if you're British) aka 1P/Halley (if you're an astronomer). While this particular comet is famous and important, it's not particularly impressive. It's not very bright, it's not very big, it's not likely to be very exciting anytime soon. So...why is it famous? Its predictability!

Before Halley's Comet became Halley's Comet, scientists weren't sure exactly what comets were. I know this sounds bizarre that scientists didn't have all the answers, but this is an example of the scientific reasoning process. Until 1577, comets were thought to be disturbances in the Earth's atmosphere! Tycho Brahe proved that comets were actually out in space, and then Isaac Newton was able to prove that they actually orbited the sun. Up until Edmund Halley, however, no one was able to calculate an orbit of one. Halley, one of Isaac Newton's friends, hypothesized that the comets seen in 1531, 1607 and 1682 were not three separate events but the same comet on a highly elliptical orbit. In 1705, he predicted that the comet would return in 1758. He died in 1742 but the comet did indeed return in 1758. By proving comets are a measurable part of our solar system, same as the planets, astronomers immediately honored Halley by naming this comet for him.

Over the centuries, Comet Halley has returned every 75 to 76 years. Why the wiggle room on the period, you might ask? Comets are very small, low-mass bodies and it doesn't take much gravitational nudging to disturb them. Since 1P/Halley's orbit takes it out past each of the gas giants in our solar system, it usually gets shoved around a little. It last appeared in 1986 and will return in 2061. That will be the same year Christopher R. Mihm releases his 56th film: "Destination: Outer Space 2!" We can't wait to see both!
Come out to Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob on October 8th
to see "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, OH!
"The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Cave Women on Mars," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," "Destination: Outer Space," "Attack of the Moon Zombies," "House of Ghosts," "The Giant Spider," "The Late Night Double Feature," "Danny Johnson Saves The World" and "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" DVDs are now available at SaintEuphoria.com, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm.

In addition, exclusive movie posters, collectibles and other merchandise are now in stock. Everything is available in extremely limited quantities, so get yours today before they run out!

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