All for George Productions and Saint Euphoria Pictures have teamed up with Acoustic Fury Records, an all-acoustic D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) record label based in the Hudson Valley region of New York, and the band Bad Horse for a special musical fundraiser...

This two-track "album" features Bad Horse covering the two best-known Mihmiverse songs, "A-Rockin', A-Rollin', All-the-Way A-Ramblin'" and "Paddlin' Along!" The funds raised through sales of this unique album will go to cover final costs for the next Mihmiverse film, "The Giant Spider."

Included with this special "album" is an AMAZING (and FREE to download) piece of artwork that was commissioned by Bad Horse vocalist and harmonica player (and Acoustic Fury Records "bigwig") Dan Flanagan at the New York Comic Con.

These songs are available for $5.00 individually or $8.00 for both. Visit the "Giant Spider" Band Camp website to download these awe-inspiring renditions of EchoDrivers's iconic Mihmiverse songs and help ensure the next Mihmiverse film comes out on time and is every bit as LAMBENT as it deserves to be!

Another very cool still from "The Giant Spider" is here!

The Giant Spider!

One word comes to mind: WOW!
"The Giant Spider" is currently in production and stars Daniel R. Sjerven (Lt. Elliott/Stan Johnson/Captain "Ace" Frehley), Shannon McDonough (Dr. Hackett/Julie Ann Saint Marie), Mark Haider (General Castle/Nok), Mike Cook (Gustav/Dr. Edwards/Harlan), Jim Norgard (Dr. Gabriel/Arthur), and Billie Jo Konze. "The Giant Spider" is currently on schedule to premiere on May 22, 2013!

Don't forget: the ever-popular associate producer program is back! For as little as $50 (+$5 shipping & handling), you (your significant other, friends, pets, business...whatever) can become an associate producer and get your name listed in the end credits of "The Giant Spider." As a bonus, you'll also receive a pair of collectors tickets to the premiere, five copies of the film on DVD, and a frame-able certificate with your name and title—perfect for your own "wall of fame!" (That's a $75 value!)

For more information, visit the merchandise page at, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm. To learn more about some of the folks who have already become associate producers, check out the Meet the Associate Producers interview further down in this newsletter!

The full set of writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's films is now ON SALE! For only $49.99 (+$9.99 shipping & handling), you'll get all seven Mihmiverse films on DVD! You'll save more than $27 and that, by far, is the BEST DEAL around!

Set of 7 Mihmiverse DVDs

$49.99 (+$9.99 s&h)

The set includes: "The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Cave Women on Mars," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," "Destination: Outer Space," "Attack of the Moon Zombies," and "House of Ghosts!"

Visit the merchandise page to order OR click the Add to Cart button above to order RIGHT NOW!

The newest episode of the Mihmiverse Bonfire Podcast is now available for download!

Douglas Sidney
"Against all odds," the cold weather has come early to Minnesota and forced hosts Rhuby 'n' Hater back into the basement around the Mitch Gonzales memorial candle. In this episode, you'll hear "both sides of the story" as our boisterous hosts interview ever-present guest writer/director Christopher R. Mihm AND Douglas Sidney, the "easy lover" best known to Mihmivites as Dr. Collins from "Attack of the Moon Zombies!" Whatever you do, "don't let him steal your heart away!"

Also "in the air tonight:" fire-tender (and new "The Giant Spider" associate producer) Paul Hansen, monster-of-all-trades ("you know what I mean") Michael Kaiser, and frequent contributor (someone you "oughta know by now") Tori Fox!

Don't miss the latest episode of "Commander Lambent: Space Explorer... in Space!" and the first ever "bad haiku" from writer/director Christopher R. Mihm! "Sussudio!"
Part 1 (full version) — Part 2 (full version) — Part 3 (full version) — Rhuby Edit

The Mihmiverse Bonfire Podcast was created as a supplement to this newsletter and will be released on or around the 15th of every month. Moderated by hosts Rhuby 'n' Hater, this free-to-download monthly audiocast offers exclusive news, interviews with the folks who make the Mihmiverse possible, shameless self-promotion, and original recurring content!

If you'd like to ask a question of the hosts, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, or any of the show's upcoming guest(s), click HERE to submit your queries! If we like them, we may even include them in a future podcast! OR, you can "like" the Mihmiverse Bonfire Podcast page on Facebook and "participate" by posting to the podcast's wall during recording!

Every month, the Mihmiverse Monthly, the official newsletter of the films of Christopher R. Mihm, includes an ever-changing array of guest-written columns.

This month you'll find:
  • Monster Hits!
    Mike Cook (Gustav/Dr. Edwards) gives us a historical (and hysterical) perspective on some of the original "popular music" created for the schlocky drive-in films of the 1950s and '60s!
  • Puzzlin' with Sid
    Another puzzle created just for the Mihmiverse Monthly by super-actress and wordsmith Sid Korpi (Leigh/Administrator Ripley)!
  • From the Mihmiverse Test Kitchens
    The first lady of the Mihmiverse, Stephanie Mihm (Rosemary/Ursula), shares her favorite recipes that are sure to satisfy any monster-sized appetite!
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for other columns, OR if you're interested in writing one, please contact us at and let us know what you think!

This Island Earth
This Island Earth (1955)
Directed by Joseph M. Newman
Starring Jeff Morrow and Faith Domerque

After scientist Dr. Cal Meacham builds an impossibly complex otherworldly device called an interocitor (directly referenced in writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's "Attack of the Moon Zombies"), the process of building such a machine is revealed to be a test. As a result of passing, Dr. Meacham is invited by a not-quite-human-looking being named Exeter to join other great scientists at a remote site for a special research project dealing with atomic energy. Mystery and intrigue follow as Dr. Meacham and two fellow scientists (played by "It Came From Beneath The Sea's" Faith Domerque and the professor from "Gilligan's Island," Russell Johnson) team up to discover the truth behind Exeter's research project and the enigmatic leader's extraterrestrial origins. Incredible period special effects (some of the best of the era), a strong cast, some truly creepy moments, memorably cheesy alien costumes (the Metaluna mutant creature has since become iconic) and an all-too-quick ending make this an example of 1950s science fiction as its finest. "This Island Earth" also has the distinction of being one of the last films made in Technicolor! One of my all-time favorite films!

— Christopher R. Mihm

Since so many fans and supporters have contributed and become associate producers, we wanted to take time to highlight some of these wonderful people! Thus, every month between now and the release of "The Giant Spider," we will randomly choose and interview one of them.

This month, we interview Robert Forto.

Introduce yourself to the Mihmiverse!

My name is Robert Forto and I live in the mushing capital of the world, Willow, Alaska. Why am I here? To mush dogs, of course! My family and I own and operate Team Ineka—a pack of 36 sled dogs, and we are training for the Iditarod in 2014. I have the unique distinction of being the only person to come ALL the way from Alaska to attend a premiere of one of the Mihmiverse films ("Attack of the Moon Zombies"), and it was an absolute blast!

I also host an Internet radio show, Dog Works Radio, and writer/director Christopher R. Mihm has been on a few times promoting and talking about his films. Lastly, I am a huge horror and sci-fi film buff. In fact, we host the 31 Nights of Horror festival each night of every October at our home.

When and how did you discover the films of Christopher R. Mihm?

I found out about the films a few years ago from my good friend, Sid Korpi (Leigh/Administrator Ripley). She said I just had to check this guy out! Once I did, I was hooked and I am now the proud owner of every film in the catalog.

Which of the seven released films is your favorite and why?

While they are all excellent in their own way, of course, I would have to say my favorite is "The Monster from Phantom Lake." There are just so many cliches in that film that when I saw it for the first time, I couldn't stop laughing! I love the laugh of Professor Jackson (Josh Craig), the goofy campfire song, the corny canoe cops and, of course, the monster! The monster rocks! He is something between the "Creature from the Black Lagoon," the Swamp Thing, and a Puli (a breed of dogs with dreadlocks)!

You recently became an associate producer of "The Giant Spider." Why?

I was an associate producer of "Attack of the Moon Zombies," "House of Ghosts and now, "The Giant Spider." I will continue to support Mr. Mihm for as long as he continues to make films. I admire his courage, his vision and his creativity. It is important to me to support independent filmmakers any way I can. To me, I love the "innocence" of the Mihmiverse films. They are not full of CGI, overpaid actors, and nonstop action. Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's films truly remind me of the old 1950s-style drive-in movies that I grew up on—watching the Elvira show and "Creature Feature" on Saturday nights on my old black-and-white TV in my bedroom. Plus, it gives me an excuse to travel to Minnesota each spring to hang out and eat cake with the grooviest people on the planet at their premieres!

Interested in becoming an associate producer? For a miniscule monetary investment, all associate producers will get their names listed in the end credits of "The Giant Spider," a pair of collectors tickets to the premiere, five copies of the film on DVD, and a frame-able certificate with their name and title—perfect for your own "wall of fame!"

Visit the merchandise page at, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm, for more information. Who knows? Maybe next month we'll be interviewing YOU!

Back in the July 2007 edition of this newsletter (when it was called The Phantom Lake Almanac), I was asked to guest write the "Classic Movie of the Month" column. I chose the 1967 stinker "The Undertaker and His Pals." Here's part of what I said back then:

"This incredibly twisted, but strangely humorous piece of cheap, moldy cheese tells the story of a motorcycle-riding undertaker and two guys from the local café who team up to score business for the former and menu items for the latter by hacking up beautiful women with names like Sally Lamb. (You'll never order 'leg of lamb' again!) It's so far beyond bad it goes past good and all the way back to bad again. Twice!"


What I didn't mention back then was the soundtrack. The music was uniformly awful, including the song "A Devil Like Me," which appeared at the end of the film as footage was shown of all the characters who were killed coming alive again and mugging for the camera. I searched high and low to find the name of the artist who recorded the song, but to no avail. He was probably too embarrassed to admit his involvement.

Check out this clip to get an idea of what you've been missing by not sampling this deliciously tasteless flick!

— Mike Cook

Each letter in the sentence below has been consistently substituted for another letter. (For instance, to get you started, every D below stands for an A in the puzzle's Mihmiverse-related solution sentence.)


Scroll to the bottom of the Mihmiverse Monthly for the solution.

— Sid Korpi

It's that time of year to feast on turkey before the big game—and the big nap. I have a wonderful recipe that will please any holiday guest! Enjoy with all the Thanksgiving fixings like stuffing, smashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Rosemary Turkey Breast
Rosemary Turkey Breast

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 8 to 10 garlic cloves
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary or 3 teaspoons dried rosemary, crushed
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper
  • 1 bone-in turkey breast (4 pounds)

In a food processor, combine the oil, garlic, rosemary, salt, paprika and pepper; cover and process until garlic is coarsely chopped.

With your fingers, carefully loosen the skin from both sides of turkey breast. Spread half of the garlic mixture over the meat under the skin. Smooth skin over meat and secure to underside of breast with toothpicks. Spread remaining garlic mixture over turkey skin.

Place turkey breast on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Bake, uncovered, at 325° for 1-1/2 to 2 hours or until a thermometer reads 170°. Let stand for 15 minutes before slicing. Discard toothpicks.

Yield: 11 servings.

4 ounces cooked turkey (without skin) equals 166 calories. My monster clan gave this recipe 5 out of 5 "fangs." Don't forget to count your blessings! Happy Turkey Day!

You can find this recipe (and many more like it) and its corresponding nutrition information on the Taste of Home website!
— Stephanie Mihm

Tuesday Nights - 9:00PM

Andy Wilkins (The Medium) hosts a trivia night at the Green Mill in Eagan, Minnesota!

Green Mill, 1940 Rahncliff Road, Eagan, MN
Now through November 18

Deanne McDonald (Elizabeth) appears in the 20% Theatre Company production of "The Rover." Tickets are on sale now!

Check out the company's website for more information!
November 2-3

"House of Ghosts" (with additional 3-D elements!) screens at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival in Peoria, IL!

Visit the website for location and admission information!
November 3 - 9:00AM–1:00PM

Sid Korpi (Leigh/Administrator Ripley) will be on hand for All About Dogs Day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Everything about the day will be devoted to our favorite four-legged-friends! We are taking reservations now for visitors and their canine companions to enjoy a wonderful walk together on a three-mile drive, followed by a pet expo fair in their historic Snyder Building.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, 3675 Arboretum Drive, Chaska, MN
November 7

"Problem Solving the Republic," a "political action comedy musical with superheroes" starring Douglas Sidney (Dr. Collins) and choreographed by Shannon McDonough (Dr. Hackett/Julie Ann Saint Marie), holds a DVD-release party screening in Minneapolis.

St. Anthony Main Theatre, Southeast 115 Main Street, Minneapolis, MN
November 8

Shannon McDonough (Dr. Hackett/Julie Ann Saint Marie) performs in the "International Elvis Tribute" with Anthony Shore at the Parkway Theater!

Parkway Theater, 4814 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
November 9-10

Dr. Ivan Cryptosis, the official horror host of the Mihmiverse, will be appearing at Paranormal Fest.

La Quinta Inn & Suites, 5120 Victory Drive, Indianapolis, IN
November 9-January 13

Mike Cook (Gustav/Dr. Edwards/Harlan) appears as "Wally" in "Mr. Christmas" at the Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre.

Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre, 3919 Crescent Avenue, Eau Claire, WI
November 11

The official horror host of the Mihmiverse, Dr. Ivan Cryptosis, will be appearing at the first annual Spook Show Convention & Film Festival.

The Portage Theater, 4050 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL
November 23-December 30

M. Scott Taulman (Sven) appears in two Christmas-themed plays, "The Match Girl's Gift" and "Threepenny Christmas," on the Centennial Showboat!

Visit that Centennial Showboat website for ticketing and showtimes!

Ever wondered if a raw food diet is right for your dog? "Sid's Canine Kitchen" host, Sid Korpi (Leigh/Administrator Ripley)—a lifelong animal lover and author of the award-winning book "Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss"—provides answers to common questions/concerns regarding making the switch to feeding your dog raw food. She also demonstrates how to prepare this nutritious diet for your pet yourself. You'll learn why she has been feeding her own four West Highland white terriers this diet for several years and the wonderful results she's seen from it. This DVD was shot and edited by Mihmiverse alums Bob Arndt (Dr. Banks) and Rob Wartick (Dr. Rod).

Visit Sid's website for more information!
The entire web series "Safe Word" is now available online! The series was written by and stars Rachel Grubb (Amy/Hagra) and directed by Brooke Lemke (Eina). "Safe Word," a dark comedy thriller, is the revealing story about a man with a secret, and the lengths he will go to come to terms with it.

Visit the series' episode archive to watch!
Justen Overlander's (Ray/Sheriff Elliott) Mihmiverse-inspired comedy, "The Bequeather," was scheduled to wrap principal photography in July. With scheduling bumps in the road, he now hopes to wrap before the New Year.

"I knew my chances of wrapping on time were slim," says Justen. "But I sure didn't think we'd be looking at December and January to schedule our last couple days of shooting. But I'm not discouraged. Shooting a project like this with a limited budget isn't supposed to be easy. If things were going too smoothly, I'd be more suspicious," he laughs.

Stay tuned to the Mihmiverse Monthly for further updates on "The Bequeather."

Justen wants to remind outdoors enthusiasts to check out "BackLand Experiences" on Pursuit Network. Since May, Justen has been editing and co-producing the hunting/outdoors program now in its 9th season.
Jim Norgard (Arthur/Dr. Gabriel) and Sid Korpi (Leigh/Administrator Ripley) have been cast in Twin Cities-based director Josh Breuning's latest thriller, "The Devil's Hour." The film is scheduled for 2013 release. Jim also had a major role in Breuning's first film, "Gehenna," available at
Douglas Sidney (Dr. Collins) appears in "Boogyman," a 30-minute short "Halloween franchise" fan film available for viewing at Mr. Sidney plays three roles in the film: Dr. Dementia, the detective, and the shape.

"The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Cave Women on Mars," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," "Destination: Outer Space," "Attack of the Moon Zombies," and "House of Ghosts" DVDs are now available at, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm.

In addition, exclusive movie posters, patches, collectibles and other merchandise are now in stock. Everything is available in extremely limited quantities, so get yours today before they run out!

Puzzlin' with Sid solution:


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