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As the new year kicks into high gear, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm has decided he's no longer happy making only ONE new film a year. Instead, he's decided to move away from standard Mihmiverse practice and into what he has termed "perpetual production." According to Mr. Mihm, this means the days of finishing a single movie and then releasing it (wash, rinse, repeat) will be replaced by several films in varying states of production, with each being released shortly after completion—whenever that may be!

The first step toward this "new normal" is the official announcement of the SECOND Mihmiverse film in active development: "Queen of Snakes!" The script for the film is complete and pre-production has already begun.

The cast is small and includes Mihmiverse mainstays Stephanie Mihm (Rosemary, "Terror from Beneath the Earth" and "The Giant Spider), Rachel Grubb (Leisl, "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter"), Monster-of-all-trades Michael Kaiser, Mihmiverse photographer Christi Williams (who briefly appeared in the opening scene of "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter"), Aaron Courteau (The Major, "The Giant Spider") and Billie Jo Konze (Dr. Hackett, "The Giant Spider").

Angry at her daughter/caretaker for being directly responsible for her paraplegia, the reclusive Mrs. Crawford accidentally receives a package containing a mysterious amulet. The ancient treasure grants her the horrific powers of a lesser Norse goddess known as the Queen of Snakes and, in a quest to control these abilities, becomes a danger to herself...and the ENTIRE WORLD!

"Queen of Snakes" is listed as "in development" and, should everything come together just right, may very well be released in calendar year 2018! "Queen of Snakes" is the second Mihmiverse project in active development behind "Guns of the Apocalypse," which begins principal photography within DAYS of the release of this newsletter!

Following the overwhelming success of previous contribution programs for writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's past films, contributor credits for "Queen of Snakes" are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase!

For each $25.00 donation, all contributors will be entitled to having a single name* of their choosing listed in the contributors section of the closing credits of the film, a customized, framable document certifying their participation in the program and one (1) copy of the finished film!

Additional copies of the film and/or world premiere tickets may be pre-ordered as "add-ons" ($10 each) with the purchase of at least one credit.

DON'T FORGET! Credits can even be given as gifts! What's more unique and/or special than your loved one seeing their name in the end credits of a movie AND on the IMDb?

Separate credits by commas, & or "and." 


NOTE: If you purchase one of the following credits, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm will contact you shortly after to discuss your purchase!

Associate producers will earn IMBb and on-screen credits and will be allowed certain privileges of producership, including free, exclusive merchandise and other perks (TBD).
Executive producers will earn IMBb and on-screen credits and will be allowed certain privileges of producership, including free, exclusive merchandise, set visits, and other perks (TBD).

*A single credit is defined as the name of one (1) person or corporate entity. Any credit requiring the word "and," an ampersand (&), and/or a comma (except when part of a legal company name) will constitute multiple credits and MUST BE paid for separately.

NOTE: The contributor program is an "equal exchange" program, which means specifically that those participating have NO SAY in the decisions or actions taken by anyone involved in the actual production of the film and are NOT entitled to ANY possible future profits earned by the film, derivative works, and/or merchandise created for or featuring elements from the film. Becoming an contributor does not entitle the participant to ANY ownership WHATSOEVER of the finished film or associated elements.
The Mihmiverse is now on Amazon Prime!

If you're a member of Amazon Prime, you can watch all 12 of writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's films and "The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical!" FOR FREE! If you're not an Amazon Prime member, you can still rent or buy each film individually...or you COULD visit the DVDs section of the merchandise page at SaintEuphoria.com and pick up your own copies!

Coming soon to Amazon Prime: Mihmiverse blooper reels!

Remember, as you binge watch the entire Mihmiverse "saga," the films can be viewed two different ways: in release order or in-universe chronological order!

Release order is easy. Simply watch them in the order they were made. Always start with "The Monster of Phantom Lake" (2006). If you're watching them on Amazon Prime, the release year is listed with the title. If you're watching them on DVD or Blu-ray, refer to the back cover of each for the release date (or click HERE for a list).

In-universe chronological order goes this way: "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter," "The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," "House of Ghosts," "The Giant Spider," "The Wall People," "Danny Johnson Saves the World," "Demon with the Atomic Brain," "Queen of Snakes" (coming soon), "Attack of the Moon Zombies," "Cave Women on Mars," "Destination: Outer Space," "X: The Fiend from Beyond Space" and, finally, "Guns of the Apocalypse" (coming soon)!
The "Demon with the Atomic Brain" DVD is now available!

A failed attempt to weaponize a machine capable of opening portals to other worlds creates an exponentially expanding bubble of fractured space-time which threatens to engulf the entire universe! An elite team of specialists must enter a "crack" in the disturbance and make their way down a rabbit hole of increasingly more dangerous alternate realities to find and shut down the machine which created it! Will their last ditch attempt to save humanity be successful? Will this be how the universe ends? Find out in writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's exciting homage to the sci-fi adventure films of the late 1950s: "Demon with the Atomic Brain!"

The DVD contains a high quality digital transfer of the film and several exclusive special features, including a blooper reel, two photo galleries, feature-length commentary with writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, English and Esperanto audio & subtitles and much more!

$9.99 (+$2.99 shipping & handling)
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Lobby cards are a form of movie advertising that were quite common from the early days of film, up through the B-movie-rich 1950s and '60s. Usually issued in sets of eight, each card featured a different scene from the film. These days, full sets of lobby cards are highly sought after by collectors.

In honor of the release of the 12th Mihmiverse film, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm has created a new set for "Demon with the Atomic Brain!"

Available as an extremely-limited-run collectible, this set of eight 8.5" x 11" lobby cards depicts scenes from the film and are hand-colorized and stylistically "weathered" to look extra retro!

$19.99 per set
FREE shipping & handling!
The latest episode of the Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast has arrived!

This month, host writer/director Christopher R. Mihm implores everyone to contribute to "Guns of the Apocalypse" and/or "Queen of Snakes" and reminds listeners to catch all the films of the Mihmiverse on Amazon Prime!

Also included: Another "Pasta Primer" with Derek M. Koch of Monster Kid Radio, "The Kansas City Crypt" with Monster Movie Kid Rich Chamberlain, another "bad" joke from Dr. Bob Tesla of Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob and chapter eleven of "For Your Ice Only," writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's ongoing 1960s-set serial starring international spy and world champion curler, Beef McCormick!

To download an .mp3 of the audiocast, click HERE, visit archive.org where the file is stored or download it free from iTunes!

Otherwise, if you'd like to listen to the episode right from this browser window, click the play button on the player below!

The Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast is hosted by writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and is focused specifically on what's going on RIGHT NOW in the Mihmiverse. In addition, Mr. Mihm will discuss the monster movie-making process, touch briefly on the future of the 'verse, pontificate on random subjects, and be joined by guests from within and without the Mihmiverse. PLUS, each episode will include something unique you won't find anywhere else!

February 9-11, 2018
Join writer/director Christopher R. Mihm at the North Texas Comic Book Show in Irving, TX!

Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, 500 Las Colinas Boulevard West, Irving, TX
February 17, 2018
"Demon with the Atomic Brain" star Tyler Haines (Agar) will be bringing the Mihmiverse to Blood Bash '18 - Horror Show! Mr. Haines will be selling Mihmiverse merchandise, signing autographs and personally presenting a screening of the latest Mihmiverse film!

Commonwealth Commerce Center, 209 East Washington Avenue, Jackson, MI
February 23-25, 2018
Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm will be screening his films and selling Mihmiverse merchandise as a guest at VisionCon in Branson, MO!

Hilton Branson Convention Center, 200 Sycamore Street, Branson, MO
March 2, 2018 - 6:30PM, FREE!
"The Giant Spider" screens at the Pretlow Planetarium as part of their monthly "Bad Movie Night" event!

Pretlow Planetarium @ Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
February 3, 2018
Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob moves to its new digs at the Drexel Theatre for the Columbus premiere of "Demon with the Atomic Brain!"

Drexel Theatre, 2254 East Main Street, Columbus, OH
March 15-18, 2018
Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm will be a guest at the 14th annual All-Con in Dallas, TX! Mr. Mihm will host panels on filmmaking, screen several of his films and sell Mihmiverse merchandise in the vendor room!

InterContinental Hotel, 15201 Dallas Parkway, Addison, TX
Don't live near one of the cities where the films of Christopher R. Mihm are screening? Why not check with an independently-owned theater near you about hosting a Mihm-movie-night event?

Please contact us at info@sainteuphoria.com for more information. Depending on scheduling and distance, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and a monster or two may even make it to your event!

For a complete list of Mihmiverse-related events, visit (and bookmark) the SaintEuphoria.com events page!
The Mole People (1956)
Directed by Virgil W. Vogel
Starring John Agar, Hugh Beaumont and Cynthia Patrick

In this brilliantly perfect example of the 1950's B-movie, archaeologists played by John Agar (who appeared in many of these Universal Studios cheapies) and Hugh Beaumont (of "Leave It To Beaver" fame) stumble upon a portal deep into the Earth where they find the descendants of a lost Sumarian off-shoot who, because of the great biblical deluge, were forced to live underground. After years of complete isolation in such harsh environs, they evolved into a race of sour-cream-white albinos who survive solely on mushrooms. Also living with these people are a race of gentle mole-like beings who serve as slaves to the lost tribe. Needless to say, the introduction of outsiders causes quite a stir among the primitive people and their fragile social order. The film is mercifully short (as all great 1950's B-movies are), moves at a great pace and is really fun to watch (albeit completely preposterous). The sets and the matte paintings used to extend them are especially cool. Finally, the last five minutes of the film are so weird, out-of-place and jarringly bad that I literally laughed out loud. Once you've seen it (or if you've already seen it), you'll know exactly what I mean! Seek this movie out!
— Christopher R. Mihm
That Voodoo That You Do So Well

In February, we celebrate Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day...and this year, Mardi Gras! When you think of Mardi Gras, you think of New Orleans and when you think of New Orleans, you think of Jazz, Cajun & Creole Cooking and if you're into cheesy horror films: VOODOO!

Below are plot lines to 5 films that feature Voodoo, followed by 5 titles. See if you can break the curse and match 'em up!

1. (1934) A young girl who lives on a tropical island loses her parents to a voodoo sacrifice, but although she escapes, a curse is put on her. Years later, she returns to the island to confront her past and brings her husband, daughter and nanny along. The locals worship her as a voodoo goddess, and things go downhill from there. Fay Wray (King Kong's girlfriend) stars.
2. (1944) The legendary Bela Lugosi stars as Richard Marlowe, a doctor who attempts to revive his long-dead wife by using a combination of voodoo and hypnotic suggestion to transfer the life essences of several young girls he has imprisoned in the dungeon below his mansion. John Carradine co-stars.
3. (1957) Deep in the African jungle, a mad scientist is using the natives' voodoo for his experiments to create an indestructible being (preferably female) to serve his will. When a party of gold seekers stumbles upon his village, the scientist realizes the expedition's evil leader is the perfect subject for his work. The cast includes Tom Conway and Mike Connors ("Mannix").
4. (1957) A wealthy industrialist hires famous hoax-buster Phillip Knight (played by the always creepy Boris Karloff) to prove that an island he plans to develop isn't voodoo cursed. Knight soon realizes, however, that the island is full of voodoo after he discovers man-eating plants and a tribe of natives with bizarre powers.
5. (1974) It's the blaxploitation voodoo movie! When her boyfriend is murdered by gangsters, a young black woman asks voodoo queen Mama Maitresse (Zara Cully, who later played Mother Jefferson on "The Jeffersons") to call on the Lord of the Dead to help get her revenge. In exchange for the woman's soul, the Dark Master raises up a zombie army to do her bidding.

A. "Voodoo Man"
B. "Voodoo Woman"
C. "Voodoo Island"
D. "Sugar Hill"
E. "Black Moon"
Scroll to the bottom of the Mihmiverse Monthly for the answers.
— Mike Cook

Earth and Moon seen from
Mariner 10 at start of mission
This month is science is a very interesting one. On February 5th, 1974, the space probe Mariner 10 rendezvoused with Venus on its way to Mercury. You might think I'm going to talk about what Mariner found at Venus (it discovered Venus had a weak magnetic field and rotating clouds) or the importance of the spacecraft itself in the midst of the Space Race, but that's not what I want to mention. I want to talk about WHY it went to Venus on its way to Mercury.

In practically all spacecraft up to now (and for the foreseeable future), there is always a trade-off about how much fuel you need versus the same fuel increasing the mass of your craft. You only have the fuel you take with you since you can't stop at a 7-Eleven on the way to top off the tank. Once that fuel is gone, that's it for your craft. In the interest of saving weight and the cost of massive fuel tanks for the Mariner 10, NASA used a gravity-assist maneuver (or "gravitational slingshot") for the first time on an interplanetary craft. I'm sure you've heard this term before (many times if you've watched "Star Trek") but what does this maneuver mean? Well, it's a little bit of orbital trickery that 'steals' an infinitesimal bit of velocity from a planet and gives a huge boost to the velocity of the MUCH tinier spacecraft. Depending on the exact placement of the orbit, this can be used to speed up the probe (such as the case with the Voyager probes) or slow the probe down (as in this case). Because planets are so much larger than the probes, the change to their velocity is negligible while the spacecraft gets a much-needed break.

Yuri Kondratyuk, a Ukrainian mathematician, wrote a paper in 1918 about this process and the Soviet space program had tested it successfully in 1959 with their lunar probe, Luna 3. Mariner 10's gravity-assist was also a success, lowering its velocity by almost 10,000 mph and leading to a successful encounter with Mercury about seven weeks later. While the "slingshot effect" went on to be used in science-fiction (sometimes even correctly), thanks to Mariner 10, the gravity-assist maneuver was used many times in SCIENCE!
Join Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob on March 3rd at the Drexel Theatre in Columbus for the Ohio premiere of "Demon with the Atomic Brain!"
Did you know that "The Monter of Phantom Lake: The Musical!" is now available to be performed by schools and theatre companies nationwide?!

We offer carefully prepared materials of similar (or higher) quality than what you would receive from one of the big Broadway theatrical licensing companies. However, our independent licensing model allows us offer individualized service catered to your organization. When you decide to license a show with us, the success of your production becomes our number-one priority! Heck, the authors might even fly out to see one of your shows!

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We also include free logos for use in your advertising materials, and we can offer personalized graphic design as well as transpositions of vocal and orchestra parts on demand. Visit monsterofphantomlake.com to hear songs from the show, learn more about the script, and request a quote, perusal script, or license agreement.
"The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Cave Women on Mars," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," "Destination: Outer Space," "Attack of the Moon Zombies," "House of Ghosts," "The Giant Spider," "The Late Night Double Feature," "Danny Johnson Saves The World," "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter," "The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical," and "Demon with the Atomic Brain" DVDs are now available at SaintEuphoria.com, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm.

In addition, exclusive movie posters, collectibles and other merchandise are now in stock. Everything is available in extremely limited quantities, so get yours today before they run out!
The Trivia Corner answers: 1-E, 2-A, 3-B, 4-C, 5-D

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