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Two films are currently in production, but principal photography of "Guns of the Apocalypse" is coming close to its end!

After a freak, record-breaking April blizzard in Minnesota, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm was forced to push several days of filming to the end of the month. However, the cast and crew were ready and willing and, after a very long week of filming, the production was able to catch up, getting everything it needed just in time for 80 degree temperatures and green leaves to return!

As of the publication of this newsletter, there are four days and 11 scenes left before completion of principal photography. Luckily, everything remaining will be shot on indoor sets! Should everything fall into place JUST RIGHT, the film will be "in the can" before Memorial Day!

Below you'll find a cool, behind-the-scenes photo taken from one of the last outdoor shoots. We can clearly see Catherine Hansen (Yureena Null/The Witch/Agatha) in some rather brutal-looking makeup, Alice Mihm in full costume as Hope and the lower halves of both writer/director Christopher R. Mihm (right) and, we are told, monster-of-all-trades Michael Kaiser.

Don't forget! Another Mihmiverse film is ALSO in production!

The filming schedule for "Queen of Snakes" is running at a slightly slower pace, with the main focus right now on finishing "Guns of the Apocalypse." Production of "Queen of Snakes" in ongoing, with principal photography slated to continue through the end of June. The plan is to release the finished film early in 2019 to get the Mihmiverse itself back on a Spring release schedule.

To keep you, the fans, excited about the "other" Mihmiverse film, check out the behind-the-scenes image below! The photo was taken during a recent shoot and shows actors Rachel Grubb (left), Christi Jean Williams (center) and star Stephanie Mihm (right) having a rather intense conversation! We're not sure what they're talking about, but we're going to conjecture it may have something to do with royalty and herpetology!

The films of writer/director Christopher R. Mihm are 100% crowd-funded by the fans and, even though we're getting close to finishing shooting one of the two films in production, it certainly doesn't mean we still don't need funds! That being said, now's your chance to contribute to either "Guns of the Apocalypse," "Queen of Snakes" or both and make sure they get finished and released!

Contribute TODAY and, not only will you be directly responsible for the creation of the Mihmiverse, you'll be entitled to have a single name* of your choosing listed in the contributors section of the closing credits of the film(s), a customized, framable document certifying your contribution and one (1) copy of the finished film(s)!

Additional copies of the film(s) and/or world premiere tickets may be pre-ordered as "add-ons" ($10 each) with the purchase of at least one credit! Credits can even be given as gifts! What's more unique and/or special than your loved one seeing their name in the end credits of a movie AND on the IMDb?

Separate credits by commas, & or "and." 

*A single credit is defined as the name of one (1) person or corporate entity. Any credit requiring the word "and," an ampersand (&), and/or a comma (except when part of a legal company name) will constitute multiple credits and MUST BE paid for separately.

NOTE: The contributor program is an "equal exchange" program, which means specifically that those participating have NO SAY in the decisions or actions taken by anyone involved in the actual production of the film and are NOT entitled to ANY possible future profits earned by the film, derivative works, and/or merchandise created for or featuring elements from the film. Becoming an contributor does not entitle the participant to ANY ownership WHATSOEVER of the finished film or associated elements.

The results of this year's Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards were announced last month but, sadly, "Demon with the Atomic Brain" (which was up for Best Independent Film), did NOT pull in the most votes.

However, after tens of thousands of votes were cast, it DID come in THIRD in a category with 15 nominees! Not a bad showing for a little movie made in some guy's basement!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to send in your votes. And, as always, it's truly an honor to be nominated!

If you're a member of Amazon Prime, you can watch all 12 of writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's films and "The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical!" FOR FREE! If you're not an Amazon Prime member, you can still rent or buy each film individually...or you COULD visit the DVDs section of the merchandise page at SaintEuphoria.com and pick up your own copies!

Coming soon to Amazon Prime: Mihmiverse blooper reels!

Remember, as you binge watch the entire Mihmiverse "saga," the films can be viewed two different ways: in release order or in-universe chronological order!

Release order is easy. Simply watch them in the order they were made. Always start with "The Monster of Phantom Lake" (2006). If you're watching them on Amazon Prime, the release year is listed with the title. If you're watching them on DVD or Blu-ray, refer to the back cover of each for the release date (or click HERE for a list).

In-universe chronological order goes this way: "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter," "The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," "House of Ghosts," "The Giant Spider," "The Wall People," "Danny Johnson Saves the World," "Demon with the Atomic Brain," "Queen of Snakes" (coming soon), "Attack of the Moon Zombies," "Cave Women on Mars," "Destination: Outer Space," "X: The Fiend from Beyond Space" and, finally, "Guns of the Apocalypse" (coming soon)!

A failed attempt to weaponize a machine capable of opening portals to other worlds creates an exponentially expanding bubble of fractured space-time which threatens to engulf the entire universe! An elite team of specialists must enter a "crack" in the disturbance and make their way down a rabbit hole of increasingly more dangerous alternate realities to find and shut down the machine which created it! Will their last ditch attempt to save humanity be successful? Will this be how the universe ends? Find out in writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's exciting homage to the sci-fi adventure films of the late 1950s: "Demon with the Atomic Brain!"

The DVD contains a high quality digital transfer of the film and several exclusive special features, including a blooper reel, two photo galleries, feature-length commentary with writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, English and Esperanto audio & subtitles and much more!

$9.99 (+$3.49 shipping & handling)
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The latest episode of the Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast has arrived!

This month, host writer/director Christopher R. Mihm discusses one of his "social media pet peeves" and catches everyone up on the status of the two Mihmiverse films in production!

Also included: The return of the "The Kansas City Crypt" with Monster Movie Kid Rich Chamberlain, another "bad" joke from Dr. Bob Tesla of Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob and a reading of a special fan-written poem!

To download an .mp3 of the audiocast, click HERE, visit archive.org where the file is stored or download it free from iTunes!

Otherwise, if you'd like to listen to the episode right from this browser window, click the play button on the player below!

The Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast is hosted by writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and is focused specifically on what's going on RIGHT NOW in the Mihmiverse. In addition, Mr. Mihm will discuss the monster movie-making process, touch briefly on the future of the 'verse, pontificate on random subjects, and be joined by guests from within and without the Mihmiverse. PLUS, each episode will include something unique you won't find anywhere else!

May 4-6, 2018
Come visit the Mihmiverse table at the 13th annual Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX!

Check out the Texas Frightmare Weekend website for more information!
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Please contact us at info@sainteuphoria.com for more information. Depending on scheduling and distance, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm and a monster or two may even make it to your event!

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Welcome to the newest feature in the Mihmiverse Monthly where we talk to YOU, the fans! Every month, we're going to pick a random Mihmivite and ask them a few Mihmiverse-related questions in an attempt to get to know them better and find out what they REALLY think about the films of Christopher R. Mihm!

This month, we interview the new "King of the Superfans" and the reason why the Mihmiverse has such a fierce following in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex: Michael Cross!

Introduce yourself to the Mihmiverse!
Hello! I'm Michael Cross. It has been said I am the number one Mihmiverse Superfan. It is even possible it's true. I am also the world's foremost Michael Cook cosplayer. (Maybe the only one.) I have been a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth cosplay and convention scene for about the last eight years. Most people know me as Alfred, Batman's butler, but also as the guy who is always promoting the Mihmiverse!

When and how did you discover the films of Christopher R. Mihm?
My first exposure to the films of Christopher R. Mihm was at Texas Frightmare Weekend. Oddly enough, Christopher wasn't there that year. Circumstances beyond his control stopped him from being able to attend. He sent a surrogate, original Mihmiverse horror host, Doctor Ivan Cryptosis. I looked over the films and thought, "This is right up my alley."

I ended up buying "The Monster of Phantom Lake." I watched it that night and instantly fell in love. I am a big fan of old sci-gi and monster movies and this was as loving a tribute as you will ever find.

That led me to look up Mr. Mihm on Facebook and I was pretty happy when he accepted my friend request. We started talking and I told him I knew people at the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in Richardson, TX and, before you know it, I was helping promote a screening of "The Giant Spider." That has led to convention appearances and building a fan base here in the Dallas area. I'm very proud to have become a small part of the success of the Mihmiverse!

If you had to pick just ONE, which of the Mihmiverse films would be your favorite?
My favorite is "House of Ghosts." I am a big William Castle fan and Mr. Mihm hit all the right notes in his tribute. He even picked up Castle's love of gimmicks with the "Fear Shield." I am very lucky to be the owner of my own personal set of "Fear Shields!" I am glad I don't have to pick just one Mihm movie to own but, if I had to, it would be "House of Ghosts." Then again, you never know! "Guns of the Apocalypse" may take its place!

Tell us how you, in particular, show your "Mihmiverse pride!"
I have a "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter" hoodie. I cosplay as Dr. Vincent Edwards at conventions while carrying my one-of-a-kind Dr. Vincent Edwards Steve-people puppet. AND, here in the Dallas area, people often refer to Mr. Mihm as "Michael's filmmaker friend!" All of that PLUS my endless invites to get people out to the screenings!

Where would you like to see the Mihmiverse go in the future?
I would like to see the Mihmiverse keep growing and gaining true "cult" status. I believe these films really are an amazing achievement. They are made with very little money that is raised from the fans who love Mr. Mihm's work. I have found very few people who DON'T become fans as soon as they have seen one of his films. I'd like to see the Mihmiverse become as well-known as the films of Roger Corman, John Waters or Ed Wood. All of them started as guys who just wanted to make movies. Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm is a guy who just wants to make movies! He is also my friend and that's something I'm pretty proud of!
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The Valley of Gwangi (1969)
Directed by Jim O'Connolly
Starring James Franciscus, Gila Golan and Richard Carlson

At the beginning of the 20th century, a cowgirl named T.J. hopes an unnaturally tiny horse can bring in enough patrons to save her struggling rodeo/Wild West show in Mexico. Things start to get interesting once an English paleontologist identifies the miniscule equine as an Eohippus, a long extinct ancestor of the modern horse. Though warned against visiting the Forbidden Valley in which it was originally found, T.J. and a posse of cowboys travel to the valley and discover dinosaurs! In a thrillingly shot and edited sequence featuring state-of-the-art (for the period) stop-motion animation by visionary effects master Ray Harryhausen, the band of buckaroos rope an allosaur (which they name Gwangi) and bring it back to the rodeo in the hopes of exhibiting the creature and boosting attendance. If you've ever seen a movie involving over-sized, vicious animals which are captured and put on public display, you have a pretty good idea how the rest of the film goes! The special effects are VERY impressive (even by today's standards) and demonstrate exactly why Harryhausen is still considered the best stop-motion animator of all time. Overall, a very entertaining film which melds a western with a dinosaur movie, a combination which works surprsingly well! Highly recommended!
— Christopher R. Mihm
Clap for the Wolfman

No, I don't mean the song by The Guess Who and Wolfman Jack. I'm talking about the monster who's all bite and no bark!

Below are two lists: The first: Classic Wolfman/Werewolf film plot points. The second: The films themselves. Your job: Match the plot points with the films. I expect you'll have HOWL of a good time!

1. (1935) The juice of a rare Tibetan flower is the only thing that can keep Dr. Glendon (played by Henry Hull) from turning into a werewolf.
2. (1941) A man returns to his homeland, is attacked by a mythical creature and is infected with a horrific disease that he believes cannot possibly exist. Claude Rains co-stars, but not as the monster.
3. (1943) This one involves Bela Lugosi, a block of ice and an epic battle.
4. (1957) Two words: Michael Landon.
5. (1961) Oliver Reed plays Leon, a young man from Spain who falls in love with Cristina—and all Hell breaks loose.

A. The Wolf Man
B. I Was a Teenage Werewolf
C. Curse of the Werewolf
D. Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
E. Werewolf of London
Scroll to the bottom of the Mihmiverse Monthly for the answers.
— Mike Cook
We have a VERY important moment in science this month. This could be a moment that has impacted the lives of more people than any other moment! This isn't some amazing discovery about the cosmos, nor is it some earth-shattering revelation about the Earth. This is about our human bodies and the billions of inhabitants of it. We're talking germs and one Joseph Lister's efforts to tame them!

Before 1865, even minor surgeries were life-threatening. Doctors and scientists thought that infection was caused by "bad air" and didn't wash their hands or instruments between surgeries. Even the simplest of surgeries had a chance of turning gangrenous under those conditions! This was definitely a case that illustrates that science is a process and evolves when a better explanation comes along. The man with that better explanation was Joseph Lister.

Lister was born in England on April 5th, 1827. He married Agnes Symes and they reportedly were a scientific team to be reckoned with! They spent their honeymoon touring and studying at hospitals in France and Germany. Lister used the theories of Louis Pasteur about food spoilage and applied it to human biology. The 'germ theory' suggested that micro-organisms could be the cause of diseases, but it was scoffed at and ridiculed at the time. But then Lister did experiments that convinced him it was true. In 1865, he started using a solution of carbolic acid to disinfect the surgical instruments and had the doctors under his instruction wear gloves and wash their hands with the carbolic acid solution. This led to an immediate drop in the spread of disease and secondary infections! As the germ theory caught on, surgery became safer and less primitive. People had a better chance to survive and lifespans increased!

Agnes Lister died in 1893 and Joseph withdrew from the medical and scientific community. He was pulled out of retirement for one last job in 1902. Two days before his coronation, King Edward the VIIth came down with appendicitis. His doctors sent for Lister before this high-risk (for the time) surgery and he advised them on the procedures. The king pulled through and is quoted as later telling Lister that "...if it had not been for you and your work, I wouldn't be sitting here today."

Just think, if it had not been for Joseph Lister and SCIENCE, the royal family would have looked very different—and countless other people would have died. Lister may not be a household name now, but he should be. He's saved more lives than any superhero...or even a team of superheroes!
Did you know that "The Monter of Phantom Lake: The Musical!" is now available to be performed by schools and theatre companies nationwide?!

We offer carefully prepared materials of similar (or higher) quality than what you would receive from one of the big Broadway theatrical licensing companies. However, our independent licensing model allows us offer individualized service catered to your organization. When you decide to license a show with us, the success of your production becomes our number-one priority! Heck, the authors might even fly out to see one of your shows!

Production packages include scripts, orchestra books, and conductor/accompanist scores (condensed and full score options), all professionally printed in a beautiful and clean format. We even include rehearsal backing tracks that fully match the music printed in the libretto and on the cast recording CD! This is a great option for productions where using a live orchestra isn't possible, for "black box" style theaters, or when your group doesn't have a rehearsal accompanist regularly available.

We also include free logos for use in your advertising materials, and we can offer personalized graphic design as well as transpositions of vocal and orchestra parts on demand. Visit monsterofphantomlake.com to hear songs from the show, learn more about the script, and request a quote, perusal script, or license agreement.
"The Monster of Phantom Lake," "It Came From Another World!," "Cave Women on Mars," "Terror from Beneath the Earth," "Destination: Outer Space," "Attack of the Moon Zombies," "House of Ghosts," "The Giant Spider," "The Late Night Double Feature," "Danny Johnson Saves The World," "Weresquito: Nazi Hunter," "The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical!," and "Demon with the Atomic Brain" DVDs are now available at SaintEuphoria.com, the online home of the films of Christopher R. Mihm.

In addition, exclusive movie posters, collectibles and other merchandise are now in stock. Everything is available in extremely limited quantities, so get yours today before they run out!
The Trivia Corner answers: 1-E, 2-A, 3-D, 4-B, 5-C

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